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Our internists help detect complex health problems in adults with the help of internal medicine. They use their scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to detect, diagnose, and treat numerous internal diseases. It enables them to help people solve their health issues efficiently, avoid health problems, and live a healthy life.

Any adult can consult our doctors of internal medicine in Dubai to diagnose and treat a comprehensive and broad spectrum of diseases. Moreover, we can help you if you want to live a healthy life and prevent different diseases.

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Internist in Dubai

An internist or internal medicine physician is a specialist with expertise in diagnosing, treating, and providing comprehensive care to adults with issues ranging from general health problems to chronic illnesses. Their primary focus is helping adult patients with their health and well-being. They maintain long-term and lifelong relationships with their patients, which allows them to […]
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Flu Vaccine

Flu is an infectious respiratory illness that infects the nose, throat, and lungs. It is highly contagious and can spread when infected people sneeze or cough while being amongst other people. Flu is caused by influenza viruses A, B, C, and D. The yearly pandemic is generally caused by influenza A & B. The good […]
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Treatment of Diabetes

Our bodies require some essential substances, like glucose, to function correctly. But we need these substances in a moderate amount because their excess or deficiency can cause complications. For instance, glucose is essential for providing energy to cells and tissues. However, when our bodies fail to control glucose production, it leads to a medical condition […]
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Hypertension Treatment in Dubai

Hypertension refers to higher blood pressure than usual. Your blood pressure changes throughout the day, depending on your activity level. If your blood pressure measures above average consistently, you may have hypertension. Types of Hypertension Consistently high blood pressure increases the risk of several chronic health conditions, such as heart attack, heart disease, and stroke. […]
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Hormone Disorder

Hormonal imbalance can occur in both women and men. However, it is more common in women, affecting them throughout their lives, especially during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. While some degree of hormonal fluctuations is usual, some women experience hormonal imbalance frequently. Frequent hormonal imbalance can lead to hormonal disorder if not treated in time. […]
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Annual Medical Checkup in Dubai

People who get regular medical checkups stay healthy and discover any potential health risks earlier. Work is essential, but our health and wellness must be the priority, hence it is necessary to visit a doctor for annual comprehensive checkups. If you believe that prevention is better than treatment, consider getting an annual medical checkup in […]
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The human heart is responsible for the overall wellbeing of the body and internal systems. In order to stay healthy, we need to keep our hearts healthy. There are different methods to study how the heart performs its functions. AngioScan in Dubai is the latest technique for medical imaging that helps predict the risk of […]
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Heart Disease (Detect and Reverse)

The heart plays an important role in our body and we cannot afford any heart disease. Due to our food intake and lifestyle, we often develop different heart illnesses that must be diagnosed timely followed by an effective treatment. Different heart disease tests allow doctors to detect and cure heart diseases. Here is why heart […]
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Saxenda® Weight Loss Injections

Nowadays, different weight loss techniques are available that deliver promising results. A popular weight-loss treatment is Saxenda® injections, helping adults and adolescents lose weight. Saxenda Weight Loss Injections Dubai has proved beneficial for numerous obese individuals in achieving their ideal weight. What is Saxenda®? Saxenda® is an FDA-approved injectable prescription medication for weight loss. Saxenda […]
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Preventive Medicine

Although chronic diseases are the most common of all health issues, they are preventable. Prevention includes promoting healthy activities that encourage healthy living and early detection of chronic diseases. It detects different conditions by screening at-risk populations. With the help of preventive measures, women, men, and children can stay healthy both inside and out. Preventive […]
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Cardiac Issues Treatment

Whether an athlete or an average person, the heart’s health is vital for all because it is a crucial body organ. Unfortunately, cardiac problems, leading to heart failure, are on the rise nowadays due to a number of reasons. There are different signs of cardiac issues that must be taken seriously, and a timely diagnosis […]
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Digestive Disorders & Gastrointestinal Diseases

The digestive system plays a primary role in the human body because we cannot stay healthy without a healthy digestive system. Unfortunately, digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases are becoming common due to unhealthy lifestyles and poor dietary choices. Euromed® Clinic Center offers effective digestive disorders treatment Dubai, and we have effective solutions to cure these […]
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The health of the heart is important to live a healthy life. Unknown to us, we can develop a major cardiovascular problem that risks our life. To make sure a person is safe, there are some advanced tests that show the true picture of the heart’s health. To avoid major heart diseases, it is important […]
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Weight Loss Treatment Cost in Dubai

A number of weight loss treatments are available that can help get rid of stubborn fat deposits. These treatment techniques help eliminate fat deposits from different body parts, especially the abdomen, lower back, thighs, etc. Since there are several techniques for removing unwanted fat from the body, each technique has a different price. Due to […]
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Intimate Area Rejuvenation

Intimate area rejuvenation is a combination of cosmetic procedures that improve the aesthetic appearance of your private areas. A woman’s body changes due to pregnancy, aging, and hormonal changes. These changes might alter the appearance and functionality of the sex organs. Therefore, intimate area rejuvenation in Dubai is used to restore the physical changes in […]

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