The heart is one of the most important organs in our body. There are different methods to study how the heart performs its functions. For example, doctors use different ways to visualize blood vessels (coronary vessels) in the heart. AngioScan is the latest and important technique for medical imaging. It makes it possible to visualization how coronary arteries work. Please continue reading to learn how this technique is helpful to you.

What is AngioScan?

It is a medical imaging method that has made it possible to visualize coronary arteries or blood vessels of the heart. To start, a health professional administers an injection of an iodinated contrast agent. Then this technique is performed using a CT scanner.

It may seem complicated and risky but it is harmful at all. Actually, it is a safe and effective method to study how coronary arteries are working. Moreover, AngioScan is a painless, quick, non-invasive, examination of the blood vessels of the heart.

How AngioScan Works?

The way this technique works make it more accurate and secure than other techniques to study and visualize the coronary arteries. The volume mode is used to acquire an image which makes it possible to have multiplanar reconstructions. Furthermore, it makes it possible to accurately study of normal or pathological anatomical structures.

You might have heard about conventional angiography which is used for the same purpose. The coronary AngioScan is much safer than this angiography. There are some side effects and our doctor will make sure the patient goes through a smooth examination.

What Can AngioScan Do?

Coronary obstructions or stenosis can be detected with AngioScan. This identification helps in verifying the permeability of bypasses & stents and to study cardiac and coronary anatomy. This test is helpful in finding the possibility of a severe coronary arteries blockage.

The test is a good way to identify any risks of heart attack and similar problems. A person can feel good and happy after knowing that he or she is safe from any cardiac problem. If an issue is detected, the person can take preventive measures to avoid heart problems.

This examination also checks for calcified and non-calcified atherosclerotic lesions. Family history, diabetes, hypertension, age, smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol are the main risk factors for atherosclerosis.

Parameters of AngioScan

The AngioScan is a comprehensive technique that measures the following:

  • Heart Rate
  • Stress Index
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Pulse wave-type A B C
  • Vascular Stiffness (Large Arteries)
  • Vascular Age (Small-Medium Vessels)

Benefits of AngioScan

The AngioScan has different benefits, the most important of which, are mentioned below:

  • This test is easy to perform
  • It automatically analyzes particular parameters.
  • The central arterial blood pressure is also evaluated by this test.
  • It assesses endothelial function in large and small arteries.
  • The test assesses the stiffness of the arterial It is done by evaluating the augmentation index with the visualization of late and early systolic waves.

Avail Financing

Functions of AngioScan

  • This program allows professionals to import or export databases.
  • The pulse waves can be examined in detail using its built-in tools.
  • During the test, the results of different parameters are being displayed on the screen.
  • The program has a database where personal data of patients and AngioScan results are stored for future reference.
  • The effectiveness of the therapy can be monitored by the charts of parameters this program displays.
  • The program allows running different important tests such as pharmacological tests, contour analysis, and occlusion tests.

Get The Cost

Cost of AngioScan

In the UAE, different healthcare provides charge different prices. It is important to mention that AngioScan is an informational tool only and a licensed practitioner can perform the final diagnosis. To get accurate results, you should visit a qualified and experienced professional.

Euromed Clinic Center Dubai has the right equipment and professionals who will help you see the true picture of your heart. Please get in touch with us to know the AngioScan cost.

AngioScan FAQs

How is CT angiography performed?

In CT Angiography, a CT scanner is used along with an injection of a dye particularly used in this method. This produces images of blood vessels and tissues which are then examined by an expert.

What is the difference between a CT angiogram and an angiogram?

As compared to a traditional angiogram, a CT angiogram is less invasive. Unlike the traditional method, no tubes or catheters are inserted in the patient’s body in a CT angiogram.

Can a stent be put in during an angiogram?

No, a stent cannot be put in during an angiogram. An angiogram is only a test to find out if any blood vessels have become narrowed. Widening the blood vessels and putting stents in, comes under angioplasty.

What is a comprehensive health checkup?

In a comprehensive health checkup apart from basic tests like blood, sugar, and cholesterol levels, other tests are also conducted. These include screening for thyroid hormone levels, cancer markers, STDs, Hepatitis A and B, etc.

What does annual health check-up include?

In an annual health check, the doctor asks about the patient’s medical history, family history of diseases, and other such questions. You may be asked questions about your lifestyle. Sometimes, certain lab tests are also recommended.

What blood tests should I get annually?

The most essential blood tests to be taken annually include complete blood count, basic and complete metabolic panels, lipid and thyroid panels, enzyme markers, STD tests, coagulation panel, DHEA-sulfate serum test, and C-reactive protein test.

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