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Whether an athlete or an average person, the heart’s health is vital for all because it is a crucial body organ. Unfortunately, cardiac problems, leading to heart failure, are on the rise nowadays due to a number of reasons. There are different signs of cardiac issues that must be taken seriously, and a timely diagnosis can help with that. Euromed® Clinic Center can help make your lives safer with the best cardiac disease treatment in Dubai. We have the latest technology that allows us to diagnose accurately and devise effective treatment plans. 

What are cardiac issues?

Cardiac problems refer to a variety of issues faced by the heart and its surrounding areas. Cardiovascular diseases or cardiac problems refer to a heart condition where blood vessels become blocked or narrowed. Blood vessels blockage can lead to chest pain, stroke, or a heart attack.

The terms heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases are used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Some heart conditions affect the rhythm, muscles, and valves of the heart, and these conditions are also known as heart disease.

These heart and cardiovascular issues must be appropriately diagnosed and treated promptly. When timely diagnosed and treated with cardiac disease treatment in Dubai, individuals can avoid physical suffering. They can also save plenty of time and money and live a long and healthy life.

Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack

Some people think that a heart attack and a cardiac arrest are similar; however, in reality, both are different.

When a coronary artery gets blocked, it causes a stoppage of blood supply to different body areas, resulting in a heart attack. On the other hand, a cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops pumping blood throughout the body, making the person unable to breathe.

Both conditions are life-threatening, and the person suffering from them must be taken to the nearest hospital. These conditions can be prevented with regular treatment of heart and vascular diseases.

Symptoms of Cardiac Issues

We must know the symptoms of life-threatening diseases, like cardiac problems. Since heart illnesses can be fatal, we should be aware of the signs and symptoms indicating a severe heart problem. If you experience any symptoms mentioned below, you should head towards a Dubai heart clinic for a thorough checkup:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Confusion or restlessness
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Nausea or loss of appetite
  • An increased heartbeat
  • Constant dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Feeling hard to breathe during routine activities
  • Chest pain or discomfort during regular activities
  • A cough that becomes worse or a respiratory infection


Heart diseases are one of the most significant causes of death all over the world. If a person is going through a heart problem, it is possible to detect and cure it before it becomes life-threatening. For instance, taking different screening tests is the best approach to stay safe.

Treatments for cardiology in Dubai have numerous benefits. Some benefits of routine checkups and screening tests are:

  • Timely tests and treatment can help us avoid different fatal health problems.
  • We will be able to live happily and healthily for a long time.
  • We can prevent physical suffering and save a lot of money.
  • These tests can help prevent minor issues from becoming severe diseases.
  • We will be able to avoid substantial treatment costs if the problem gets detected earlier.

Cardiac Issues Treatment FAQs

What causes cardiac issues?

Stiff artery walls, blood vessels blockage, leading to disruptions in blood flow from arteries and tissues, can cause several cardiovascular diseases. Some other causes include an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, and being overweight.

How can I strengthen my heart?

Your heart is a muscle, and you can strengthen your heart by exercising regularly. Other remedies include losing weight, eating healthy, quitting drugs, and stressing less. Moreover, if you observe any abnormal symptoms, please consult a heart specialist in Dubai.

What are the signs of an unhealthy heart?

Constant ache in the shoulder and chest, difficulty sleeping, difficulty in sexual functions, disturbed heartbeat, and shortness of breath are signs of an unhealthy heart.

What is the best exercise for the heart?

Walking, running, swimming, playing games with good physical activity, jumping rope, and cycling are some of the best exercises for a healthy heart.

What drinks are good for your heart?

Plain water, tea and coffee (without sugar), beetroot juice, red grape juice, and chia juice are some of the beneficial drinks for the heart.

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