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The human body is a complex system and complex problems require certain expertise. An internist is a doctor of internal medicine who can understand how to treat complex problems that a body faces.

Who is an Internist?  

Doctor of internal medicine, general internist, or simply internist is a person who is a medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults. They cannot perform surgery; they can perform non-surgical medical treatments. They are good at treating common and complex illnesses.

A doctor of internal medicine is a primary care physician and provide consultancy to other medical specialists. Some of them also work in the academic world. Most of the internists in the world are general internists, providing outpatient and inpatient care to patients.

What is Internal Medicine?

An Internist starts practice after completing the basic internal medicine training. The word “general internists” is also used for these doctors because they practice “general internal medicine.” The internal medicine deals with the treatment and diagnosis of a comprehensive and broad spectrum of diseases that affect an adult. This branch of medical science also recommends ways to promote healthy ways of living and how to prevent different diseases.

Internal medicine is what enables doctors to specialize in the detection, treatment, and prevention of diseases. General internists can choose to practice in a variety of settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres, etc. Some internists further specialize in a subspecialty to deal a too complex problem related to a particular organ or systems of the organ.

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Who Needs an Internist?  

Many health issues can make be treated by an internist. If you are below the age of 18, you do not need an internist and you should see a family physician for your health problems. If you are 18 or older, you should consult an internist if you are facing a health issue. An internist can carefully diagnose and safely treat a variety of normal or complex medical conditions.

The doctor of internal medicine can also guide you about the healthy way of living. You can consult a general internist if you want to prevent different health risks.

Internist FAQ’s

Why would you go to an internist?

You would go to an internist if you are suffering from any condition such as hypertension, diabetes, any chronic disease, heart or lung disease.

What is the difference between a medical doctor and an internist?

Internists or internal medical doctors primarily care for adults with chronic illnesses and other health conditions. Medical doctors are licensed health professionals who try to restore human health with medication.

Is it better to have an internist or family doctor?

Internists deal with more complex medical problems. However, medical doctors are better in diagnosing and providing broader health care surfaces.

How much does it cost to see a doctor in Dubai?

Routine checkup at any private clinic or hospital in Dubai costs around $60 to $70 (220 to 250 AED). You will be additionally charged for any additional tests.

What falls under internal medicine?

Any medicine that is used for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of internal diseases falls under internal medicine.

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Internist vs. Family Physician

There is a specific class of doctors who specialize in treating adults of any age and they are known as internists. These doctors have intensive training in all aspects of adult medical care. They should be consulted to treat common adult programs (diabetes and hypertension) and for primary care screening. Internists can also treat patients having complex conditions or a combination of conditions.

On the other hand, a family medicine doctor is a specialist in a particular field and can treat people of any age (from newborn babies to elderly people). These doctors may specialize in mental health, gynecology, adult medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, and more. They focus on disease prevention, wellness, and chronic disease management.

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