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Intimate area rejuvenation is a combination of cosmetic procedures that improve the aesthetic appearance of your private areas. A woman’s body changes due to pregnancy, aging, and hormonal changes. These changes might alter the appearance and functionality of the sex organs. Therefore, intimate area rejuvenation in Dubai is used to restore the physical changes in your genital organs.

Reasons to Get Intimate Rejuvenation

Mentioned below are some physical changes that can be corrected with intimate area rejuvenation:

  • Overstretching of vaginal tissues
  • Skin darkening around the intimate area
  • Weakening of vaginal wall
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of collagen

Are you a Candidate?

All the intimate procedures are safe and effective, but only a suitable candidate can get promising results. You can be an ideal candidate for intimate area rejuvenation in Dubai if:

  • You do not consider your private parts as normal or attractive
  • The area around your private parts is darker than the normal skin tone.
  • You are experiencing vaginal laxity or wideness problems.
  • You have lost sensation while having sexual intercourse.
  • You have vaginal atrophy and urinary incontinence.
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Intimate Area Rejuvenation Procedures

Based on the people’s needs, plastic surgeons have developed different techniques to fix the male and female genital area problems. Following are some of the common intimate area rejuvenation treatments;

  • Intimate Area Whitening: The skin around the private areas darkens as a result of constant shaving or waxing. Our whitening treatment can lighten the skin around your private parts, making them more attractive. For this purpose, a Q-switched laser is used that disperses the melanocytes.
  • Intimate Area Tightening: Women may not get sexual pleasure due to vaginal laxity problems. However, laser vaginal tightening can help women restore the thickness and firmness of their vagina that increases its responsiveness during sex.
  • Intimate Area Contouring: Intimate area contouring is a popular treatment that helps women improve the appearance and functioning of the vagina. Fillers are used to redefine the shape and symmetry of the vagina. Also, the labia is rebuilt for an improved appearance.

Other Treatment Options

Vaginal rejuvenation can be achieved through the following procedures:

Laser Labiaplasty – It enhances the appearance of the labia and tightens the vagina using laser light. Moreover, urinary incontinence can also be treated with laser labiaplasty.

Radiofrequency – This technique utilizes heat to tighten the vaginal tissues.

Labial Puff – Also known as labia majora filling in Dubai, it is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that utilizes fillers. Labial puff treats laxity and deflation in labia majora with the help of fillers (either fat injections or other cosmetic injectables).


The recovery phase of intimate area rejuvenation is quick. After the procedure, the surgeon guides you on how to take care of the treatment site. You must avoid sexual activities after the treatment and follow the instructions provided by the surgeon. It will help you in having a smooth recovery.


One can obtain a variety of benefits from intimate area rejuvenation in Dubai. Some of the notable benefits have been discussed below:

  • Couples get back the lost pleasure through it.
  • Self-esteem improves, and confidence level rises.
  • There is minimal pain and quick recovery.
  • You can get rid of vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence.
  • Minimal downtime is involved.


You will require multiple treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. The results can be seen Straight away after the treatment, but they improve with every treatment session. The complexity of the problem will determine the number of sessions required.

Intimate Area Rejuvenation Cost in Dubai

The cost of intimate area rejuvenation varies from patient to patient because it depends on different factors. The factors that determine the price include;

  • Type of treatment chosen
  • The severity of the problem
  • The location of the clinic
  • The expertise of the surgeon

The average cost for labia majora filling starts from AED 5000. To know the exact cost of the rejuvenation treatment, consult with an expert surgeon

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Intimate Area Rejuvenation FAQs

how Intimate Area Rejuvenation works?

It works by carrying out different surgeries to tighten the vaginal muscles along with the reconstruction. It makes the woman feel like a virgin again.

Are there any risks in Intimate Area Rejuvenation treatment?

Yes, there are many risks linked to intimate area rejuvenation. According to FDA, some of the risks are vaginal scarring and burns, pain during sex, urinary incontinence, even sexual dysfunction.

What is Cost of Intimate Area Rejuvenation treatment?

The cost of this procedure highly varies based on your location, type of case, and expertise of the surgeon. Average cost of intimate area rejuvenation in Dubai is around $1000 to $1200 (3000 AED) per session.

Benefits of Intimate Area Rejuvenation?

Benefits of intimate area rejuvenation are restoration of vaginal area tightness, enhanced sexual gratification and pleasure, and help to get rid of some medical incontinences.

How can you find a doctor for Intimate Area Rejuvenation?

You should look for surgeons that are experts in vaginoplasty and cosmetic gynecology for intimate area rejuvenation

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