The health of the heart is important to live a healthy life. Unknown to us, we can develop a major cardiovascular problem that risks our life. To make sure a person is safe, there are some advanced tests that show the true picture of the heart’s health. To avoid major heart diseases, it is important to regularly measure cardiovascular parameters. The SphygmoCor test is a good option to do so. Continue reading to learn more about it.

What is the SphygmoCor Test?

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It performs an important function in the body and we cannot afford to have its health compromised for any reason. SphygmoCor test is a comprehensive method to study the arterial stiffness and central blood pressure. It is often recommended to people to detect vascular and heart diseases.

SphygmoCor testing technique checks if there is a high risk of fetal cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart attack. It is a short test that reveals the true picture of the cardiovascular system. Actually, SphygomoCor CP system is a portable and lightweight device. It allows professionals to obtain important cardiovascular information non-invasively.

This device can even measure the data that is not possible to measure through a traditional brachial cuff blood pressure measurements. It is commonly used all over the world in clinical trials, patient care, and research. This test has been found to be accurate in finding the exact pressure experienced by kidneys, heart, and brain. Here is how it works.

How Does SphygmoCor Works?

There exists a Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) software in the SphygmoCor CP. When used for the measurement of the pulse wave analysis, the radial pressure sensor is used to measure a 10-second snapshot of the radial arterial pressure wave.

An ascending aortic pressure wave equivalent to the pressure wave measured by an invasive catheter is derived by this program. Some vital cardiovascular data can be recorded using the aortic pressure wave. The following measurements can be identified:

  • The central pulse pressure
  • Aortic augmentation index
  • Central aortic systolic pressure

Before the test, the professional will enter the basic information about the patient and then prepare the patient for the test. It is important for the patient to stay calm during the test. The patient lays down and the professional performs the test.

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Benefits of SphygmoCor Test

It is an advanced technique that delivers accurate measurements which helps in making important health decisions. This unique and non-invasive cardiovascular system analysis technique has plenty of benefits. Some of the notable benefits are enlisted below:

  • The cost of the test is not high.
  • The test provides accurate results.
  • The test does not take a long time to finish.
  • The test helps in detecting major and minor health risks.
  • It is a reliable test; FDA and similar agencies have approved it.
  • By detecting the major issues in the early stages, it saves much money.

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Cost of SphygmoCor in Dubai

SphygmoCor is an important test that takes some time to perform analysis on the condition of the heart. To learn the exact SphygomeCor cost for your personally or to learn more about this test, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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