Obesity is predicted to affect 1.2 billion adults and there will be over 2.5 billion adults overweight by 2030.

Causes of Obesity

Obesity like Diabetes, (Diabesity) is also due to high “insulin levels.” Insulin makes us fat and keeps us fat. This ‘insulin resistance’ comes from excess sugar, grains and vegetable oils.

Type of Obesity

Weight and BMI are not the way to diagnose Obesity. You must have your body fat percent measured by a simple impendence machine.

Normal Male – Less than 20% Normal Female – Less than 28%

Obviously most individuals who look fat have body fat percent much higher than normal. There is another kind of body fat however – the so called “skinny fat” or TOFI’s – Thin on the Outside but Fat on the Inside. There are actually more ‘skinny fat’ in the USA than those that appear fat. These individuals are “insulin resistant” and thus are also prone to all the complications of obesity.

Complications of Diabetes

  1. Diabetes (7x higher risk heart disease with HbA1c of 7)
  2. Heart Disease (most heart attacks due to insulin resistance)
  3. Cancer (10x higher risk)
  4. Alzheimer’s (now called type 3 diabetes)
  5. Metabolic Syndrome (6x risk of heart attack)
  6. Erectile Dysfunction
  7. PCOS
  8. Autoimmune Disease
  9. Sleep Apnea
  10. Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  11. Kidney Failure
  12. Hypertension
  13. Gout
  14. Osteoporosis
  15. Aging
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What Is Driving This Diabesity Epidemic?

This “Global Pandemic” is the result of two misguided ideas. First, the Diet-Heart Hypothesis, formulated by Ancel Keys in 1977 and second the US Dietary Guidelines that followed in 1980. It was because of these that we were told to avoid foods like meat, eggs, dairy and coconut oil as the theory was that saturated fats raised LDL-cholesterol that lodges in our arteries causing heart disease. (Most Heart Disease is caused by Sugar not cholesterol).

Weight Loss in 5 Days Program

The US Dietary Guidelines (1980) for Americans Are Wrong

These Dietary Guidelines included: –

  1. Increase carbohydrate consumption to 55%
  2. Decrease fat consumption to 30%

The American Heart Association even as recently as 2000 felt that low carb diets were a dangerous fad even though this is how we lived for millions of years. Typical advise was “Eat six or more servings of breads, cereals, pasta and starchy vegetables that are low in fat and cholesterol.” To drink… “choose fruit punches and carbonated soft drinks.”

This, I believe, is the single biggest reason we find that half-the world now has Diabesity!

Cure Obesity for Good

Obesity is a hormonal problem not a caloric problem! For more than 40 years doctors and nutritionists have been advising their clients to eat a low fat high carb diet, calorie reduction and advice to exercise more that has failed miserably.

The most important factor in controlling fat accumulation and weight gain is to control the hormonal signals you get from food not the number of calories you take in or expend.

A high insulin is a signal for the body to stop burning sugar and fat and to start storing it instead.

Let us show you how to lose weight with a Well Formulated Keto Diet (WFKD) and intermittent fasting.

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