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Feeling well and looking good are the main essentials anybody want to have in the current world. To achieve both the things, one should have a healthy skin and an active body at the same time. Unfortunately, some aspects of dehydration, lack of exercise, smoking, sunlight, diet, and aging can severely affect the skin and body.

Our laser and skin care team at the EuroMed clinic has come up with the best possible ways to help you achieve and maintain healthy younger looking skin by offering a combination of the latest aesthetic treatments and clinical skin care products.

We have solved a wide range of skin and body problems by introducing some revolutionary products and treatment techniques. Laser and skincare treatment at EuroMed Clinic center in Dubai includes; face treatments, body treatments, and anti-aging therapies.


EuroMed Clinic Centre in Dubai has been providing the top class services for last eight years with 100 percent customer’s satisfaction rate. The primary intention of EuroMed Clinic Centre Dubai is to make the lives of people beautiful.

Anti-aging Therapies

This segment includes a large number of therapies to treat various kind of skin problems that occur aging.

  • Mesotherapy

It can improve the overall appearance of your skin, alleviating the typical signs of aging such as sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, as well as cellulite; with no recovery time needed.

  • Revital RF

A safe, non-invasive, no downtime procedures which is ideal for tightening loose or lax skin which also aids cellulite reduction resulting in a better appearance of the ‘orange peel’ effect

  • Ultherapy

The FDA-approved Ultherapy is the only skin rejuvenation procedure that uses ultrasound imaging, which has been scientifically proven to yield highly effective results and is an excellent alternative to well-established but uncomfortable treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing.

  • Sellas Co2 Laser

It can treat:

  1. Lines
  2. Deep-set wrinkles
  3. Scarring
  4. Uneven skin tone
  5. Uneven texture
  6. Dyschromia and other pigmentation abnormalities.


  • Concentrated Growth Factor

Conventional regenerative therapies such as the “Vampire Facial” use cells from the patient’s blood to offer treatment that will renew and regenerate.


  • EMatrix

Appropriate for all skin types Ematrix gives a beautiful development in the appearance of wrinkles, skin laxity, scars, zits scars, textural irregularities, tone and superficial pores and skin lesions.

  • Fotona 4d Facelift

The expert remedy works efficiently in opposition to any symptoms of sagging or wrinkling, and will fight any physical sign of getting older!

  • LED Light Treatments

Popular in style capitals consisting of London and the big apple, the 20-minute facials guarantee to convey your pores and skin back to its sparkling excellent!

  • HydraFacial

It is not only highly influential at improving average skin fitness, however, can deal with a wide range of lawsuits consisting of pores and skin tone and texture, traces and wrinkles and enlarged pores.

  • Seyo

Directly from the maximum innovative dermatological laboratories of Germany and Switzerland the Seyo treatment has been designed to provide all the blessings of surgical methods but without the invasive movements, by way of penetrating the mobile’s root and revitalize the skin from its core

Body Treatments

Includes all products that are essential to conquering all the body problems.

  • Ultrasound Cavitation

Get high definition body sculpting results with non-invasive, low-risk ultrasound body fat reduction.

  • Viora Reaction

This treatment targets sagging and lax skin to successfully diminish folds of redundant skin that are common after extreme weight loss.

  • Mesotherapy

See in Anti-ageing therapies portion.

  • Laser Hair Removal

Thanks to a broad form of the enterprise’s most superior lasers, our professional team can deal with all hair and pores and skin kinds to ensure you may be hair-free, for all time.

Facial Treatments

This segment includes all the products and procedure to treat all facial remedies.

  • Chemical Peels

Can treat many skin problems are due to an excessive build-up of dead skin cells, which make the skin thick and dull.

  • Concentrated Growth Factor

Conventional regenerative treatment plans along with the “vampire facial” use cells from the patient’s very own blood to provide treatment to renew and regenerate. Cgfs sincerely take this tested generation to the subsequent level.

  • Microdermabrasion

It improves wrinkles, skin texture and colour by polishing the topmost layer and then vacuuming away the dead skin cells in a safe, controlled manner.

  • Viora Treatments

Thanks to the brilliance of Viora, you can quickly attain perfect, blemish-free skin smoothly and without any pain or downtime.

  • Facial Prescriptive Menu

Rebecca Treston at FuroMed is pleased to provide various quick-repair treatments, designed to do away with flaws and put the glow firmly back into all skin kinds.

  • Evo Laser

A remedy for pores and skin rejuvenation, the Evo laser offers multiple blessings such as shrinking pores, reducing sebum manufacturing, stimulating collagen remodeling, as well as fracturing the melanin that reasons uneven pigmentation

  • Laser Hair Removal

See in Body treatments segment.

  • Intense Pulsed Light

With laser & ipl hair removal, you can pick to enjoy clean skin each day and say goodbye to waxing and shaving


  • Dermapen

If you need a treatment that gives a couple of blessings which includes softening traces, tightening pores and skin and improving scars, pores, pores and skin tone and texture unexpectedly, then you need to discover dermapen.

  • Quanta Duetto Laser For Rosacea

Malfunctioning blood vessels beneath the pores and skin can supply the face a purple or ruddy look known as rosacea. Happily, this will be effectively treated with laser.

  • Venus Magic Hands

Enus magic gloves is a noninvasive treatment that uses b.E.A.M technology (bioelectric acceleration management); this turns on the muscle mass and will increase blood movement, using sending electrical powered pulses through the fearful machine.

  • Sellas Co2 Laser

See in Anti-aging Therapies.

  • Spectra Laser

Acclaimed as one of the most progressive non-ablative skin rejuvenation structures, the award triumphing spectra laser treatment machine we’re overjoyed to announce that Rebecca Treston aesthetics at the EuroMed health facility is one of the first UAE clinics to acquire the lately-released spectra laser generation.

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