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Acne is characterized by the development of inflamed, red spots on the skin that are sometimes filled with pus. It is essential to treat acne as early as possible; otherwise, it can lead to scarring. Fortunately, several options are available for acne treatment in Dubai. It includes medications, chemical peels, and laser acne treatment. 

What Causes Acne?

Acne breakout is principally a hormonal condition driven by androgenic hormones. These hormones are most active during puberty years. However, that is not the only time when hormonal fluctuations can cause acne breakouts.

Besides hormonal changes, acne also occurs when skin pores become clogged with oil, grease, dirt, dead skin cells, etc. The combination of hormone fluctuations and the presence of microorganisms on the skin causes skin inflammation. If acne is not treated early, it can lead to scarring, which may require a professional acne scar treatment.

Common areas for acne breakout are:

  • Face
  • Forehead
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Upper Arms

Fortunately, we have effective treatment options, such as laser acne treatment, that help eliminate acne safely and effectively.

Aim of the Treatment

The acne treatment aims to:

  • Remove stubborn acne
  • Eliminate pimples and lesions non-invasively
  • Avoid future skin breakouts
  • Prevent acne scars
  • Improve overall skin texture

Acne Treatment Options

Numerous options are available for acne treatment. Some popular treatments are:

Topical Medications

One of the simplest and most effective acne treatments is topical medication. You can use creams, ointments, and gels to treat acne. These can be applied directly to the affected area or mixed with a combination of antibiotics to treat acne.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by synthetically shedding layers of skin, which removes acne. Nonetheless, chemical peels usually need some help in the form of medication or acne facial for best results.

Fotona Laser Acne Treatment

Some acne conditions can be challenging to treat with topical medications; therefore, laser treatment is used. Fotona is becoming an increasingly popular Laser Acne Treatment in Dubai. The accurately controlled Nd: YAG laser of Fotona penetrates the skin and targets the overactive sebaceous glands. Generally, patients can expect a downtime of 3 days to 1 week after getting laser acne removal.

Pre-Procedure Guidelines

Generally, the practitioner provides their patients with pre-procedural instructions. However, some standard guidelines include:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 2 to 3 weeks before the acne treatment.
  • Apply sunscreen (prescribed by the dermatologist) to avoid sun damage.
  • Start using a dermatologist-prescribed skin cream at least 2 to 3 weeks before the treatment.
  • Avoid taking blood-thinning medications for at least seven days before the treatment.


Some general aftercare instructions associated with acne and pimples removal treatment are:

  • Avoid sun exposure for at least 10-15 days after the procedure.
  • Use sunscreen whenever going out in the sun.
  • Avoid unnecessarily touching the treated area.
  • Do not rub or scratch the treated region until the skin is completely healed.
  • Regularly take the prescribed medicines by the doctor.
  • In the case of itching and burning sensation in the treated area, moisturize the skin with a prescribed moisturizer.


Clinical acne treatments are effective and produce long-lasting results, especially laser acne treatment. However, you will require follow-up treatments to maintain the results once or twice a year. Also, it takes time to notice the results. With laser treatments, the results appear weeks after the procedure.

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Laser acne treatment has the following benefits:

  • It is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure.
  • During the procedure, you do not feel any pain or discomfort.
  • There is minimal downtime, and the recovery is instant.
  • You get clear and acne-free skin.


There are no severe side effects of acne treatments. Some temporary side-effects may appear, but they do not last long and subside on their own after some time. For instance, patients may experience slight swelling and redness in the treated areas. Moreover, some patients may experience bruising and blemishes. However, all these side-effects are temporary and diminish within a week.

Acne Treatment FAQs

Can you stop acne forever?

No, there is no foolproof way of stopping acne forever. You can only reduce acne breakouts by taking good care of your skin and keeping it healthy.

What causes acne on the cheeks?

When sebum, bacteria, and dead cells clog up the skin pores on the cheeks, acne develops. Acne on cheeks can be treated the same way as acne on other facial areas.

Are pimples the same as acne?

No. Pimples are one of the symptoms of a skin disease called acne. If you have acne-prone skin, you may develop pimples as a sign, but it does not mean that every occasional pimple is acne.

Does acne come back after laser treatment?

As mentioned earlier, the results of laser acne treatment are not permanent, and follow-up sessions are required to retain the effects. Therefore, you need to follow your dermatologist's instructions and take good care of your skin if you don't want the acne to come back.

Acne Treatment Cost in Dubai

The cost of each professional acne treatment varies from patient to patient. Moreover, several other factors also influence the final price of the treatment. The cost of acne treatment starts from AED 1450. However, it is only an estimated starting price, and only the doctor can determine the final cost.

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