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Your skin color is an ultimate representation of your appearance. A brighter and even skin tone gives you confidence during your social interactions. On the other hand, the facial skin surface with dark spots is something you don’t want to bring to people’s attention.

The primary reason for skin discoloration spots (melasma) is hyperpigmentation, which results from excess production of melanin. Melanin is the natural pigment that gives the skin its tone. It consists of melanocytes, the dark pigmented skin cells.

Excess melanin production in the skin usually results from long exposures to sunlight. Not only can high melanin levels lead to an unsightly melasma appearance, but they can also increase the risk of skin cancer.

The good news is the cosmetic medical industry has progressed significantly to offer viable solutions to skin pigmentation issues. One of such solutions is the Cosmelan peel.

What is a cosmelan peel?

Cosmelan peel is a specialized solution that helps treat skin pigmentation issues to give you a fairer complexion. This procedure mainly reduces surface pigmentation by targeting the tyrosinase enzyme, helping reduce the melanin content. The cosmelan peeling procedure is generally followed by a doctor-prescribed skin care regimen to help patients achieve their desired skin tone in three months.

While cosmelan is widely marketed as a solution to reduce sun spots, it also effectively treats post-inflammatory pigmentations, age spots, acne scars, and discoloration issues due to hormone fluctuation.

Am I a good candidate for Cosmelan Peel?

You are a good candidate for cosmelan peel treatment if you have:

  • The hyperpigmentation problem
  • Uneven skin tone issues

That being said, you may need to consult with your healthcare provider beforehand if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Are nursing
  • Have used Accutane any time during the last six months
  • Have active rosacea

Benefits of Cosmelan Peel

Cosmelan peel treatment is designed to help reduce the melanin overproduction by 95%, meaning that you will have a more even and luminous complexion when the final results kick in. Generally, this treatment involves more than one session. However, after just one session, most people notice a dramatic depigmentation of dark spots.

Let’s have a quick look at the salient benefits of cosmelan peel.

  • A significant reduction in the dark spots, regardless of what caused the problem
  • A whiter, brighter skin tone
  • A more even complexion
  • Inhibition of the melanin overproduction
  • Improved collagen production

Pre-Treatment Care

Cosmelan peel is an overall safe procedure due to its non-invasive nature. However, it still uses a chemical solution that reacts with skin cells in order to achieve treatment objectives. Therefore, some pre-treatment measures must be followed to ensure safety and good results.

Before you receive cosmelan peel treatment, be sure to avoid:

  • Scrubbing and exfoliating the skin within 24 hours
  • Waxing in the treatment region for at least a week
  • Peeling and laser surfacing for at least two weeks

Moreover, speak to your healthcare provider before getting this treatment if you:

  • Have active HPV blisters or cold sores
  • Are pregnant or nursing

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Cosmelan Peel Procedure

Cosmelan skin peel treatment is a multi-step procedure involving in-clinic mask application on the face and other visible body areas and a skincare regimen at home. Here is a detailed overview of this treatment.

The In-Clinic Mask

  • The procedure starts with skin prepping and cleaning before applying the mask.
  • A dermatologist will apply a thick layer of cosmelan mask to the treatment area. This application will be immediately followed by a stinging sensation, which will take a few minutes to dissipate.
  • The mask will remain on your face for about 10-12 hours, depending on the degree of correction required.
  • Your doctor will give you complete instructions regarding when and how to remove the mask.
  • They will also give you an after-care kit to use at home, along with the guidelines on how to use this kit.

In-clinic Cosmelan peel treatment is followed by a comprehensive home care routine. You need a follow-up consultation to let your dermatologist review your progress. They may re-apply the mask and ask you to continue with the skin care regimen. A follow-up visit is required after a month. 

You may need two to three treatment sessions, each spaced one month apart, to get the desired results.

At-Home Skin Care Regimen

  • Let the Cosmelan mask remain on your skin for the number of hours specified by your dermatologist and remove it once that duration is over.
  • Apply the Mesoestetic Melan recovery cream to the treated skin immediately after removing the mask. This cream will comfort your skin and protect its moisture. However, expect some swelling and redness in the treated region.
  • You will receive Cosmelan 2 cream in the subsequent clinical visit. The doctor may suggest applying this cream three times a day. Apply Melan recovery cream after every Cosmelan 2 application.
  • Mitigate your skin’s exposure to the sun by applying Melan 130+ Pigment Control every time you walk out of the home.
  • Reduce Cosmelan 2 application to once daily after 14 days of the treatment.

You will need a follow-up consultation to let your dermatologist review your progress. During this visit, they may re-apply the mask and ask you to continue with the skin care regimen described above. A follow-up visit is generally required after a month. You may need two to three treatment sessions, each spaced one month apart, to get the desired results.

Post-Treatment Care

  • Reduce sun exposure as much as you can.
  • Avoid other treatments, such as facials, peels, and microdermabrasion, for at least 30 days after a Cosmelan peel.
  • Discontinue Cosmelan 2 application five days before waxing, and do not restart it for at least three days afterward. You can thread your skin as usual.

Cosmelan Results

You will get the initial results of cosmelan peel treatment in a few days. And full results are usually visible in 3-6 weeks after the treatment. These results are characterized by a healthier skin glow with reduced pigmented spots and improved skin elasticity.

What are the side effects of Cosmelan?

All side effects of Cosmelan peel treatment are mild and temporary. Those side effects mainly include:

  • Mild to moderate discomfort and redness in the treated region
  • Increased sensation of tightness or itchiness

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Cosmelan Peel FAQs

Can Cosmelan Peel be done at home?

No, Cosmelan peel is a systematic treatment provided only in a doctor’s office. However, because the primary mask has to stay on the skin for several hours, your doctor will give you a complete set of instructions regarding how to remove it at home. The in-office peeling treatment is followed by Cosmelan cream application, which is a part of the home skincare regimen.

Is the Cosmelan peel worth it?

Cosmelan peel treatment has an impressive ability to cure darker skin spots and has shown great results. The significant difference you achieve in appearance through this peeling procedure undoubtedly makes it a worthwhile treatment.

How long does peeling last after Cosmelan?

The skin peeling begins 3-5 days after the mask application and usually continues for a week before stopping.

How long does it take for a Cosmelan peel to work?

It generally takes 2-3 days for the cosmelan peel treatment to work. Factors determining that the treatment has started working include skin peeling, itchiness, redness, and a sensation of tightness in the skin.

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So, do you want to remove all those discolored spots on visible areas of your skin? Cosmelan peel is the solution you are looking for. This skin peeling treatment helps reverse the overproduction of melanocytes, giving you a smoother, more even skin tone. However, it is imperative to get this treatment from the hands of expert practitioners as it uses high-potency chemical ingredients to target the melanin content in your skin.

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