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Different skin problems make us look older than our actual age, such as wrinkles, dark circles, and eye bags. Dark circles and eye bags can add 5 to 10 years to our actual age. Fortunately, eyebags and dark circles removal treatments are common these days, and we have different treatment options for these problems. Continue reading to learn about the cost-determining factors and Dark Circles Removal Cost in Dubai.

How to get rid of dark circles?

Dark circles and eye bags below the eyes are common in older adults, but some young people also struggle with them. Since eyes are essential for all, such problems can tarnish the eyes’ appearance. There can be several reasons for eye bags and dark circles, and an expert can find out the primary cause of such issues and treat the cause.

The skincare experts at the Euromed® Clinic Center have different options for dark circles and eyebags removal. Various techniques can eliminate dark circles from under the eyes, and an expert can choose the correct technique for each individual.

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Dark Circles Removal Cost in Dubai

Due to different factors, eyebags and dark circles removal cost varies from person to person. The price depends on different variable factors. However, the rates are comparatively lower in the UAE than that in the US and the UK.

Generally, the dark circles removal cost in Dubai starts at an average rate of 1000 AED. However, some variable factors make up the final cost of the treatment, which are as follows:

  • Nature of the Skin Problem

If you have dark circles only, you will pay less for the treatment. But if you also have eye bags, you will be paying more. If a person has any other skin problem that also needs to be fixed, the cost will be calculated after summing up all treatments that need to be performed.

  • Treatment Technique Selected

There are many ways to treat eye bags and dark circles, and each of these techniques costs a different amount. For example, topical ointment treatment does not cost much, but removing eye bags is not cheap.

  • Number of Session Required

The treatment consists of a couple of sessions, and the number of sessions depends on the chosen technique. For example, if a person opts for laser treatment, three or more laser sessions might be required.

  • Location of the Clinic

There are several reasons why the location and quality of the healthcare facility matter. The location matters because the price varies from city to city within a country. For example, the rates for treatment may be different in Dubai than in Sharjah.

  • Expertise of the Professional

The total cost also relies on the expertise of the professional. If a board-certified plastic surgeon performs this treatment, the payment will be higher than the fee charged by an aesthetician. It is due to the reasons that a dermatologist is a highly qualified person for it.

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If you want to find the exact under-eye bags and Dark Circles Removal Cost in Dubai, please feel free to call or message us anytime. You can also fill the online consultation form below. A consultation session with one of our skincare specialists will help you understand it better. So, call us or fill our short online form to book your appointment.


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