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Written by: Shehzeen Ahmad | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi MD

If you are suffering from certain skin concerns including acne scars and are looking for an instant treatment, your wish can come true with the all-new Derma Roller Treatment in Dubai.

The Derma Roller Treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a micro-needling technique to address common skin problems. It uses a surgical instrument, which is used in cutting the skin that ultimately benefits the surface of the skin by reproducing dead skin cells and enhancing collagen production.


The purpose of the derma roller treatment is to better the overall texture of the skin but correcting the skin concerns. The treatment is useful for you:

  • If you want to get rid of fine line and wrinkles
  • If you want to correct the tone of the skin
  • If you want to overcome the pigmented skin
  • If you want to make you dull skin chubby and fresh again
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Pre-Procedure Instructions

Although it is a non-invasive treatment, there are not many precautions for the procedure. However, your specialist will advise you follow these few easy steps to get the maximum outcomes of the procedure.

  • Abstain from using skin care products that Retin A including creams, lotions and other topical materials
  • Use all the prescribed topical for few days before the treatment
  • Avoid exposure to the sun and use sunscreen if it is necessary to go out.
  • Abstain from applying makeup and cosmetic products few days before the treatment

Post-Op Care

Since Derma rollers is a non-invasive treatment, it does not require you to completely cut off your normal routine and take rest. However, certain precautionary steps are essential in increasing the productivity of the procedure.

  • Ensure to keep your skin clean by washing it no less than 2-3 times every day.
  • Try to wear larger sunscreen which contains, at any rate, SPF 50 or more.
  • Apply all the topical treatments recommended by the dermatologist frequently.
  • Try to stay hydrated all the time.
  • Try not to go for some other healthy skin medications for a month after the treatment.


As we already know that Derma Rollers is non-surgical treatment, it does not need any recovery time. The treatment has no downtime and you can get back to your normal routine right after the procedure.

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What are the Benefits of Derma Roller Treatment?

There are numerous advantages that are related to Derma rollers treatment in Dubai. Most commonly, they include:

  • It is far more successful than rest of the smaller scale needling procedures available in the market.
  • It is a super-quick process which takes not as much as an hour to finish.
  • It totally changes the surface of your skin from harsh to infant delicate and smooth.
  • It is a sheltered technique for all types of skin and individuals of any age.
  • It requires no downtime and least recuperation time.
  • There are no outrageous symptoms required with the methodology.
  • The outcomes are brisk and durable.

What are the Outcomes of the Derma Roller Treatment?

It requires numerous sessions to accomplish an immaculate skin. Usually, 6 sessions separated a month are sufficient to get the desired outcomes.

Derma Rollers Treatment FAQ’s

What are the parts of the body that can be addressed by Derma Rollers Treatment?

This treatment can be applied to any part of the body but in most cases, the procedure is utilized to address the skin concerns from face, neck, hands, thighs, and buttocks.

Do I need a consultation before the treatment?

Yes, actually this is one of the very necessary parts of the procedure. In a pre-op meeting, our specialist will guide you about the process and consequences of the treatment.

How to perform the Dermal Roller treatment?

Your skin will be completely scrubbed and swabbed with a sterile arrangement. At that point, a topical local sedative cream will be applied to the area of the skin being dealt with. This is left on for around 45 minutes to produce results. The cream is removed and the needling begins, which can take anything from 10 to 30 minutes. The roller is then more than once moved over the skin to create a huge number of small-scale therapeutic needle-sections in the skin. Every section will enter into the dermis of the skin and will be roughly 0.1mm in width. The segment will close quickly empowering the skin to recuperate rapidly – frequently around the same time. The treated skin will demonstrate smaller scale draining and this is the required end purpose of the treatment.

The skin will be wiped clean and a mixed cocktail of vitamins and hydrating serums or hyaluronic will be placed into the skin during this time, empowering them to dive deep into the dermal layers.

How will I look like after the treatment?

Your skin will become red immediately after the procedure and you might feel some tingling. However, this will vanish a few hours after the treatment.

How long will it take to see the outcomes?

This depends upon your cell reestablishment process, as this decreases as we age. All in all, it can take up to two months to perceive any outcomes, however, the recovery procedure will proceed over the next month’s giving a continuous upgrade


If you really want to improve the state of your skin, then get in touch today. Just, fill in the consultation form and let our specialists asses your skin and devise you own bespoke treatment programme during a complimentary consultation.


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