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Getting rid of stubborn fat deposits to maintain the desired body shape can be challenging. These unwanted fat bulges do not respond to diet and exercise. Eximia Treatment is the latest technology gaining unparalleled fame in the world of cosmetic surgery due to its excellent results. It helps get the desired body contours without surgery. So, if you want to get a contoured body through a non-invasive procedure, Eximia is the best option.

What Is Eximia (Non Invasive Slimming Treatment)?

Eximia Slimming Treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for fat reduction. It helps attain the desired body contours by combining two technologies that have taken the world by storm. These technologies proved that if you want to fight against cellulite, the solution lies in technology. Generally, Eximia combines the following technologies:

  • Laserporation and Microdermolift
  • Endoradiomag and Radioporation

Laserporation dissolves, sculpts, and reduces cellulite, while other devices help vibrate, exfoliate, and lift the skin.

Aim of the Treatment

Eximia Skin Tightening and Slimming Treatment aims to:

  • Improve body contours
  • Remove cellulite
  • Reduce excess fat deposits
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Tighten the skin
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • Improve oxygenation

Candidacy Criteria

Anyone can be the ideal candidate for Eximia Treatment, if:

  • Their weight is ideal
  • They suffer from sagging skin
  • Their lifestyle is healthy
  • They are interested in improving their body contours
  • They have realistic expectations with the procedure

Treatment Techniques

Eximia serves to fulfill different purposes. Its programs are divided into different work settings based on the candidate’s requirements. It can work effectively on delicate and challenging body areas, such as the arms and neck. Additionally, setting settings depends on whether the candidate wants it for weight loss, fat reduction, or double chin removal. Generally, it works for the following:

Weight loss – Instant Inch Loss

Instant inch loss is possible through Eximia. Generally, it targets the fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, candidates may need multiple sessions to achieve their target goal, which is determined at consultation time. The results are permanent if candidates follow a healthy diet afterward.

Double Chin Removal

When the machine is applied to a specific area, it works only for that area of the body. If you need to get rid of the double chin, Eximia offers impressive results. It operates through its effective lasers, PICO, and nanotechnology to provide the candidate with desired results.

Fat Reduction

The body can slim when any extra fat is removed from it. Eximia treatment is ideal for body slimming and fat reduction. Its dual wavelength removes excess fat from the body and enhances the contours. As a result, candidates get a beautifully shaped and slim body without any side effects.

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Avail Financing

Machine We Use

At Euromed Clinic Center, we use the latest Eximia HR77 Platinum for Eximia Treatment.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

Eximia Slimming Treatment is a non-surgical procedure; therefore, it does not require extensive pre-procedure preparation. However, some general instructions are as follows:

  • Stop taking blood-thinners, such as aspirin, for at least 2-3 weeks before the treatment.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Before the treatment, get enough sleep.

How does Eximia function?

The following steps are included to perform the procedure:

1st Step

The diagnosis is performed in the first step using the Mytouch 2.0 app. It defines a personalized body contouring strategy and motivates patients with 3D modeling software.

2nd Step

In the second step, the Microdermolift device is used. It is a skin activator and improves the skin cells through exfoliation, providing natural skin activation.

3rd Step

Laserporation device is used to complete this step. It is an effective alternative to surgical liposuction that significantly reduces the body’s fatty tissue without any side effects.

4th Step

Endoradiomag is an endo-collective stimulation with endoradiomag used in this step. This four-motion massage even works in the most challenging body areas. Its magnetic stimulation energizes blood vessels, transports more oxygen, and improves natural metabolism. The treatment provides noticeable effects immediately.

5th Step

The last step is to perform Radioporation, which treats collagen and elastin. As a result of this step, wrinkles are reduced, skin tone is improved, and an unnoticeable lifting effect is created.

Post-Procedure Instructions

After Eximia Slimming Treatment, candidates will be given some aftercare guidelines. These may include the following:

  • Avoid heavy workouts, running, swimming, and contact sports for a few weeks after the procedure.
  • Use cold compresses to reduce swelling.
  • Wear compression garments to restore the desired body shape.
  • Only use the prescribed medications to help alleviate discomfort.

Recovery and Results

No other machine until now is combined in such an incredible way to provide outstanding and natural results. This machine yields noticeable results immediately after the first session. Moreover, Eximia Treatment provides comfortable treatment without severe pain to enhance skin tone, elasticity, and smoothness.


Eximia Treatment in Dubai has numerous benefit and they include:

  • This treatment helps reduce excess fat deposits.
  • This treatment helps get rid of cellulite.
  • It improves collagen and elastin production.
  • It enhances body contours by reducing fat bulges.
  • Eximia helps revitalize the skin by reducing sagging skin.

Side Effects

There are no severe side effects of Eximia Slimming Treatment. The most a candidate can experience is swelling and mild pain. Moreover, these temporary side effects can be easily managed with the prescribed medication.

Eximia – Non Invasive Slimming Treatment FAQ’s

What is the most effective non-surgical fat removal?

Cool Sculpting, Kybella injectables, and non-surgical Eximia laser treatment are some of the most effective non-surgical fat removal procedures.

Does Body Sculpting actually work?

Yes, body sculpting does work. Body sculpting can also target specific areas of the body to remove excess fat.

What is the best body contouring procedure?

Eximia, Cool Sculpting, Eximia, Keybella, and Sculp sure are some of the best body contouring procedures. These procedures are inexpensive and have minimum downtime.

Does cavitation destroy fat cells?

Yes, cavitation or Cavi-Lipo can destroy fat cells. This technology uses ultrasound waves to rupture fat cells.

How do I get rid of belly fat without surgery?

Cool Sculpting, Eximia laser fat removal treatment, and cavitation are some of the most effective belly fat reduction procedures.

Get The Cost

Cost of Eximia Treatment

The Eximia Treatment price is not fixed because it depends on several variable factors, including:

  • Practitioner’s expertise
  • Clinic’s location
  • Treatment area size
  • Number of sessions
  • Techniques and tools
  • Desired results

Although the price is not fixed, the average starting price of Eximia Treatment in Dubai is AED 2000 for one session.

Consult an Expert

Eximia helps improve oxygenation, reduce fat, eliminate cellulite, remove excess skin, rejuvenate the skin, and provide smoothness to the skin. Here, at Euromed Clinic Center, we have board-certified practitioners with years of experience to perform the latest procedures successfully. Do you have queries or you want to know about your candidacy? Fill the online form, and one of our experts will get back to you.


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