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Written by: Shehzeen Ahmad | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi MD

It takes enough time and money to remove excess hair from various body areas. The laser treatment for hair removal can deliver natural-looking and long-lasting hair removal results. The laser hair removal cost in Dubai varies from person to person. This page discusses laser hair removal price in different cases. Please continue reading to learn more.

Differing Laser Hair Removal Costs

You may agree that all human beings have unwanted hair on different parts of the body. Due to this reason, people use a variety of hair removal methods regularly. You might have noticed that the cost of laser hair removal varies from person to person.

Why is it so? Why different clinics charge a different price for this treatment? It is due to the reasons that the laser hair removal cost in Dubai depends on various variable factors. Now, we will discuss how laser hair removal price varies from person to person.

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai

The clinics in the UAE charge less for hair removal than the clinics in the UK and the US. Different variable factors make up the laser hair removal price. The following factors are considered at the time of calculating laser hair removal cost in Dubai.

  • Quality of Service/Clinic: The nature and quality of service and clinic also defines how much a person has to pay for the laser treatment.
  • Size of the Body/Skin Area: The price depends on the skin or body area where treatment needs to be performed.
  • Clinic’s Geographic Location: The location of the treatment facility is one of the reasons for price fluctuation.
  • Expertise of the Professional: The qualification, training, and experience of the professional also matter. Mean to say, a dermatologist charges more than a laser technician.
  • Number of Laser Sessions Needed: In general, 6 to 12 laser sessions are enough to get rid of the maximum number of unwanted hair. In other words, additional sessions cost more.

Medical Insurance and Financing Option

You may have a medical insurance plan and want this treatment to cover through it. Please note laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment and most of the policies do not cover cosmetic treatments. If you have medical insurance, contact the issuer of that plan to know more.

If you do not want to pay the full price in cash, we have financing plan for you. It is a kind of interest-free loan and you will be able to pay back in easy monthly installments. Do not worry about the final cost because you will be paying the same amount. This option is made available to make it easy for all to take.

Laser Hair Removal Cost at Euromed

You may already know that the Euromed Clinic Dubai is one of the leading destinations for cosmetic treatments in the UAE. Here, you see experts who deliver the best value for your money. We always try to make our rates affordable for all. Please contact us know if you want to know how much we will charge in your case.

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