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Laser hair removal is a medical treatment that uses a concentrated light beam (laser) to remove unwanted body hair.

During laser hair removal, a device emits a laser beam that gets absorbed into the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair and skin tissues. This laser beam carries light energy that transforms into heat upon absorption. The heat damages hair follicles – tiny sacs that produce hair – within the skin.

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai

The average laser hair removal cost in Dubai is 300 AED to 1500 AED. The average cost of full-body laser hair removal in Dubai is only 700 AED. But this treatment has no fixed price as several factors influence its exact cost.

Let’s briefly look at the common factors dictating the final cost of laser hair removal.

Size of Treatment Area

The cost of laser hair removal depends significantly on the treatment area. The larger the treatment region, the more time is needed to get the intended results. These factors dictate the cost of the treatment.

Body areas treated with hair removal lasers are typically classified as small, medium, and large. These body areas include the following:

  • Small: Upper and lower lips, ears, jawline, chin, cheeks, chest line, lower abdomen line
  • Medium: Forearms, underarms, face, bikini line, shoulder, neck
  • Large: Full arms, half legs, chest, buttocks, abdomen, Brazilian bikini areas

Number of Sessions Needed

The cost will go up if the number of laser hair removal sessions is increased. 

You can expect a laser session to reduce unwanted body hair by 10-25%. Considering this efficacy, you can predict the number of sessions you must receive to get the desired results. Your practitioner will analyze all these factors to provide a cost estimate.

Clinic’s Geographic Location

The clinic’s location is one of the factors that determine the cost of laser hair removal. A clinic in a metropolis’s focal location will charge more than those in under-developed areas. This is because a clinic in a developed region has to pay high rents and other utility bills.

The Expertise of the Professional

During laser hair removal, the skin’s exposure to the laser beam must be long enough to eliminate unwanted strands but not too long to cause damage to skin tissues. This is possible only when your practitioner has enough expertise to direct lasers on the skin. Indeed, the costs will be higher if you get this treatment from well-trained, experienced staff.

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