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Human beings have unwanted hair on different body parts, and they use various hair removal methods to get rid of them. However, these methods tend to consume a lot of time and money. The results are also temporary, and hair starts regrowing after some time. Fortunately, laser hair removal treatment can deliver natural-looking and long-lasting results. Generally, laser hair removal cost varies for each individual, but overall, it is an affordable treatment with fruitful results. Continue reading to learn about different factors influencing the price and the average Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai.

Cost-Determining Factors

Different variable factors influence the laser hair removal price, and the following factors are considered when calculating Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai.

  • Size of Treatment Area

The price of hair removal with laser depends on the skin or body area where the treatment needs to be performed. The size of the treatment area also matters when calculating the total price of the procedure.

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  • Number of Sessions Needed

In general, 6 to 12 laser sessions are enough to eliminate the maximum number of unwanted hairs. So, the price will keep increasing with the number of laser hair removal sessions.

  • Quality of Service/Clinic

The nature and quality of service and clinic also define how much a person pays for the laser treatment. Usually, clinics with state-of-the-art services charge more than others.

  • Clinic’s Geographic Location

The location of the treatment facility is one of the reasons for price fluctuation. If the laser hair removal clinic is located in a hub of cosmetic clinics, it may charge more than those in the back-alleys. Generally, clinics in the UAE charge less for hair removal than clinics in the UK and the US.

  • Expertise of the Professional

The qualification, training, and experience of the professional also matters when calculating the cost. It means a dermatologist charges more than a laser technician.

Medical Insurance and Financing Option

Since laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment, most insurance policies do not cover its price. Please get in touch with the provider if you have medical insurance to learn more about their policies.

If you cannot pay the total price in cash, we have a financing plan for you. It is an interest-free loan, and you will be able to pay it back in easy monthly installments. Do not worry about the final cost because you will be paying the same amount without any interest.

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Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai

You may already know that the Euromed Clinic Center is one of the leading destinations for cosmetic treatments in the UAE. We always try to make our rates affordable for all, and our experts deliver the best value for your money. Generally, the average Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai starts from 300 AED. Please get in touch with us if you want to know how much we will charge in your case.

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If you have excess hair on the body, the laser treatment for hair removal can help you eliminate unwanted hair. If you want to learn how this technique will benefit you, we would love to talk to you. You can use our chatbox, fill our online form, or call our number to get in touch. One of our best hair removal professionals will guide you about the procedure and Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai.


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