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The amount of collagen your body produces or loses directly contributes to tighten or loosen up your skin. Juvederm fillers in Dubai help fulfil the collagen & elastin needs of the skin. These are two of the most important structural proteins that hold your skin together. The natural aging process is merciless and is the main cause of fine lines, cracks, and wrinkles.

Advanced research has now identified the cause of skin aging and scientists have also come up with a solution. This simple remedy includes reinjecting the aging skin with Juvederm fillers. These miraculous dermal fillers naturally fulfil the elastin to minimize the effects of aging.

What are Juvederm Volite Fillers?

Juvederm fillers are the most advanced dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid. This acid is known for its skin-tightening and rejuvenation properties. Volite is an FDA approved injectable that is used to deposit the acid directly to the dermis layer of the skin. Collectively the Juvederm Volite hydrates the skin for up to 10 months with just a single treatment.

These fillers also add volume to the skin and are mainly used to lift the cheeks, treat plump lines, parenthesis lines, and other fine lines. Unlike other fillers, these fillers help. 

How does Juvederm Fillers Work?

These fillers are injected inside the dermal layer of skin to restore skin firmness. The acid replenishes and triggers the body’s natural healing process. This helps lift any wrinkles, fold, or fine lines that are being targeted. 

Another benefit of using Juvederm filler Dubai is that it contains lidocaine. It’s a painkiller that prevents pain during and after the procedure. 

As with any other skin treatment, Juvederm Volite also requires a professional to treat the desired area. At EuroMed Clinic Dubai, our board-certified dermatologists have the required skills to administer this treatment.

Pre-Treatment Care

This is a very simple and minimally invasive treatment. This treatment is a very quick one and hardly requires any downtime. These are the reasons why you only need to provide your complete medical history to see if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Juvederm Volite Filler Procedure

Here is the complete step by step Juvederm filler Dubai procedure.

Step 1: During the Juvederm Volite Filler procedure, the first step is to carefully mark the area that is to be treated. Usually, a pen is used to mark the area.

Step 2: The Juvederm filler is injected inside the marked area with the help of an FDA cleared injectable to effectively lift the skin.

Step 3: The filler injection is followed up with a light-massage to evenly spread the filler inside the skin layer.

Step 4: The same process will be repeated if you need this filler on any part of your body. However, the face and neck are two of the most preferred treatment areas for this treatment.

The procedure is not very painful as the injectable filler contains lidocaine. This is a pain killer that minimizes the discomfort and pain felt during the procedure. 

Multiple injections are needed for a complete procedure that gives long-lasting results. The injections are usually placed in a two-week interval. 

The procedure only takes 30-45 mins at max and the patient can even return to work on the same day after the treatment.

Post Treatment Care

In most cases, the patient can immediately return to work after the Juvederm filler treatment, as it is a very simple procedure. This is a minimally invasive procedure with minimum downtime. 

Benefits of Juvederm Fillers

Some of the most interesting and notable benefits of this best filler for skin aging include:

  • Juvéderm® for fuller lips
  • Juvéderm® for lifting and contouring cheeks
  • Juvéderm® to treat the hollow around the eyes
  • Juvéderm® for smoothing out parentheses lines and wrinkles
  • Experienced practitioners can help you achieve smooth and natural results
  • It’s a tested treatment that is minimally invasive and has guaranteed results
  • It can work for almost all skin types and does not interfere with other skin problems
  •  Multiple filler treatment is necessary for a complete procedure, however, a single treatment can last for a whole year

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Juvederm Fillers for Everyone

Another amazing thing about this treatment is that it can be customized to fulfil the custom needs of the patients. This filler can also fulfil specific patient needs, these include:

  • Juvederm Volbella to plump up the lips
  • Juvederm Volite to plump up and hydrate the skin
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus XC to lift the area around the nose and eyes
  • Juvederm Voluma XC can be used to add more volume in the cheek area
  • Juvederm Volift to treat deep skin depressions and all signs of premature aging

What’s the Difference Between Juvederm and Restylane Fillers?

Both Restylane and Juvederm are non-invasive dermal fillers for plumping the lips and for skin lifting. Both are best fillers for skin aging and both also contain the painkiller lidocaine to get rid of the pain. In this Juvederm fillers vs dermal fillers, the main difference between them is in the formula, as each brand has a different formula. 

Both these different formulas work in their unique way and have their benefits. 

What Skin Conditions can Juvederm Fillers Treat?

These fillers can treat several different conditions that include:

  • Juvederm for smooth skin
  • Wrinkles, folds, and fine lines
  • Lip lifting or lip augmentation
  • Dehydrated and non-elastic skin
  • Contouring and reshaping of the jawline
  • Juvederm for lifting and contouring cheeks 
  • Juvederm to treat the hollow around the eyes
  • Juvederm for smoothing out parentheses lines and wrinkles

Juvéderm® FAQ’s

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last Juvéderm®?

Juvederm Volite, Juvederm XC and ultra plus xc all last for 8-12 months. These fillers do slowly metabolize and naturally dissolve after some time.

Juvéderm® Lip Filler Aftercare?

You can use ice-packs to get rid of reddening and inflammation. Your doctor may also give you some pain medication to get rid of pain after the Juvederm filler treatment.

Restylane vs Juvéderm® Lip Filler?

Both these filters are manufactured by two different companies. Both are non-surgical procedures, however, both give different results. Ask your practitioner which one better suits your needs.

How long do Juvéderm® Lip Fillers Last?

Juvederm fillers last for 8-12 months. More treatments are needed for long-lasting results.

What is Juvéderm® Filler made from?

The primary component of these fillers is Hyaluronic acid gel. This gel is a naturally occurring element of the skin that hydrates and lifts the skin.

Risks and side effects of Juvederm Fillers

Juvederm fillers are non-invasive and have minimal side-effects. There are no notable risks related to this treatment procedure.

Results of Juvederm Facial Fillers

Most of these Juvederm Volite fillers show instant results, however, the complete results only appear after some time. The acid that is injected takes time to form the elastin that results in smooth and tight skin.

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There is no doubt that Juvéderm® fillers in Dubai are one of the least invasive and most effective non-surgical fillers to lift the skin. They can effectively make signs of aging to disappear and give you silky smooth skin.

Here at EuroMed Clinic Center Dubai, we have a team of professional board-certified dermatologists to carry out this treatment. They have successfully treated many patients with Juvederm Volite fillers to rid them of their loose and saggy skin. So book a free consultation right now and say goodbye to all signs of aging.


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