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The existence of large pores on your face is a cosmetic disorder that can alter your appearance and can make you feel irritated.

In order to correct this skin concern, most people opt for either home remedies or over-the-counter topical creams, but these cannot successfully treat all types of large pores on your skin. In an intention to effectively treat large pores on your skin, the Euromed has come up with the all-new large pores treatment in Dubai.


Anybody troubled by expanded pores and unpleasant skin surfaces can profit from Large Pores Treatment in Dubai. The perfect candidate is someone:

  • Who is not less than 20 years of age
  • Who has thick and sleek skin
  • Who does not have dynamic skin break out – in which case skin inflammation will be cured before treatment of Large Pores
  • Who is disturbed by developed pores, however, has sensible desires from the treatment.
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Treatment options

There are various treatment options that are successful in removing the large pores on the skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are once in a while extremely supportive for those with expanded pores. Chemical peels are accessible in various qualities and they work by peeling off the highest harmed layer of skin. Chemical peels clean the pores, expel the zits, battle skin inflammation, and enhance the tone and surface of the skin. Every one of these advantages helps limit the size of large pores.


Microdermabrasion is a safe and secure cosmetic procedure that is useful for many skin concerns. This is done by sanding off the outermost layer of the skin to remove dead tissues and debris in the pores, ultimately revealing fresh and healthy skin. It also enhances the collagen production in the skin which is the key function in skin rejuvenation

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It utilizes light energy to remove the large pores on the skin. The treatment is very useful and result-oriented.

Laser therapy

Laser resurfacing is an insignificant obtrusive restorative system that serves to flawlessly limit the presence of huge pores. This strategy utilizes pico toner, the most widely used technology, to expel the dead skin cells, fix the pores, and advanced the generation of collagen and new skin cells.

How to prepare?

In the pre-op meeting, the specialist will guide you on how to properly prepare yourself for treatment. Here are a few of the guidelines.

  • Drink plenty of water every day for a week before the treatment
  • Do not expose your skin to the sun for a few days
  • Use sunshade or sunscreen
  • Take the prescribed medicine properly


Post-Procedural Care assumes an essential part in deciding the aftereffects of Large pores in Dubai treatment. Here is a rundown of a few of them:

  • Cut off your sun introduction and maintain a strategic distance from coordinate daylight.
  • Continuously wear a solid sunscreen, ideally SPF 50 or above.
  • Abstain from wearing cosmetics.
  • Take all the endorsed oral and topical medicines religiously.
  • Abstain from picking at the scabs.

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  • Most of the procedures are minimally invasive
  • They have no downtime
  • Have less recovery period
  • Your skin appears young and healthy
  • All the above-mentioned procedures enhance your skin’s tone and texture
  • No surgical procedure

Large Skin pores Treatment FAQ’s

Who is eligible for the treatment?

Anyone who is suffering enlarged pores on his/her skin is eligible to undergo the treatment.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

• If you are having any other medical treatment.
• If you are suffering from skin allergy, it is required to treat that prior to the large pores treatment in Dubai

Are there any side-effects?

There might be mild swelling and redness but that will go away in few hours.

What is the recovery time?

It takes 7-8 days to completely recover.

Is it a painful procedure?

No, all the treatments are non-invasive and painless. However, in the case of any discomfort, a local anesthesia is administered.


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