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Some people have unwanted fat deposits in different parts of the body, but diet or exercise fails to eliminate them. In such cases, lipolysis injections have proven to be effective for those who want to lose extra fat. It is one of the simplest ways to lose fat. Continue reading if you are thinking about getting these injections and would like to know how much lipolysis injection cost in Dubai.

What are Lipolysis Injections?

If you desire to remove unwanted fats from the body in a simple way, go for lipolysis injections. Lipolysis injections dissolve fat to slim a particular body area. It is a fast and straightforward method for fat reduction.

This fat reduction method can be used to remove double chin and flabby cheeks caused by excessive fats. This option is often used to remove unwanted fat from the abdomen, lower back, and hips. Lipolysis injections are safe, and their success rate is high.

One treatment session causes significant fat reduction, but multiple sessions can deliver the required outcomes. Generally, there is no risk of complications; minor and temporary side effects will disappear in a day or two.

Get The Cost

Lipolysis Injections Cost in Dubai

The lipolysis injection cost in Dubai may vary from person to person because pricing depends on variable factors. However, if you live in the UAE, you do not have to pay a high price for this treatment.

Generally, the following elements define how much one has to pay for lipolysis injections:

  • Size of the Treatment Area

The size of the fatty area and the number of fatty regions determine how much the treatment will cost. If a patient has to get rid of excessive fat deposits from more than one area, the total price of the treatment will increase.

  • Number of Sessions

The total number of required treatment sessions also influences the treatment price. It depends on the patient’s requirements on how many sessions will they need for the desired results. However, the practitioner will determine the exact number of required sessions. If a patient needs more than one session, the price of the treatment will increase accordingly.

  • Professional’s Expertise

The price of lipolysis injections also depends on the expertise and qualification of the practitioner. If the treatment is performed by an amateur, it will cost less but the risk of complications is higher. So, it is better to pay a little more to an expert practitioner and avoid risks.

  • Clinic’s Location

The geographic location and quality of the treatment provider also influence the final price of the treatment. Any well-reputed clinic will charge more than shady, back-alley clinics or amateur practitioners.

Avail Financing

How much do we charge?

As mentioned above, the cost of lipolysis injections varies for each individual. At Euromed Clinic Center, the average starting price of lipolysis injections is 1500 AED. So, you get high-quality treatment at a reasonable cost.

Consult an Expert

Please get in touch if you want to know about the lipolysis injection cost in Dubai or how much we will charge in your case. You can also ask our experts about how this treatment will help remove the excess fat deposits. Visit us and one of our professionals will examine your fat deposits and determine how much you have to pay. You can call us or fill the online form to book your consultation session.


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