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Lipolysis is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure in which a serum of medicines is injected into the patient with the aim of reducing and destroying fatty deposits.

What Areas can be Treated?

The injection lipolysis is a suitable remedy for excessive and unwanted fat at any part of the body. However, below-mentioned areas are ideal for treatment.

How Does it Work?

Tiny needles are used to insert the serum directly into the targeted areas. In a result, the fat deposits start to wear away while increasing the fat reduction process. Thanks to the natural reproduction process, the skin will re-establish the smoother and fine surface like free of fat.  This process takes about 2 months to complete. Commonly, it takes 3-4 treatments for one area to be completely treated.

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Candidacy For the Procedure

Anyone wants to reduce fat from a specific part of the body is a candidate to undergo the procedure. However, you are an ideal candidate if:

  • You have small fat deposits at any part of the body
  • You are unlikely to undergo a surgical fat removal treatment
  • You are in good overall health condition
  • You are not a pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • You have realistic expectations about the procedure.

Is Treatment Painful?

The injection lipolysis is a non-surgical treatment hence no pain. However, you may feel slight discomfort during and after the treatment, but that can be overcome through some topical medications.

What to Expect?

Before the treatment, if needed, local anesthesia or numbing agent is administered to overcome any discomfort and distress during the procedure. All pre-procedure prescriptions are taken by the patient.

During the procedure, thin needles are used to induce the mixture of medications to melt down the fatty tissues in the skin. The number of injections varies from patient to patient. The injections will take some time to make an evident effect but you will feel the difference immediately after the treatment.

An expert therapist performs the procedure and it does not take longer than 30 minutes.

How to Prepare?

There is no hard and fast rule on preparing yourself for the treatment. The procedure is simple and quick so that it does not require extra precautions. To make the treatment more productive, your doctor may give you some suggestion on how to prepare for the treatments. Few of them are following.

  • Take your prescribed medications
  • Avoid blood thinners for 2 weeks before the treatment
  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Don’t undergo any other cosmetic procedure at the same time
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Since it is a non-surgical fat removal technique, it does not require extra cares after the treatment. Below are some suggestions your doctor will give you on how to take care of your treated areas after the procedure.

  • Avoid strenuous exercises and bodybuilding
  • Do not lift heavy weights
  • Maintain a healthy diet so you don’t get the fat back
  • Take your prescription medicines regularly (if any)
  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption

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Lipolysis Injection FAQ’s

How many sessions are required?

Well, it depends upon your desired outcomes and covered area. In normal cases, you may need to undergo 3-4 treatments for a single area to get the final results.

Are there any side-effects?

There are no reported cases of any severe complication, however, mild swelling and tingling are expected for everyone, but it lasts for only one week or so.

Can I get back to work right after the treatment?

Yes, you can immediately resume your work life. But, it is recommended to act upon your doctor’s aftercare suggestions.

Who is not a candidate?

Anyone who is suffering from certain diseases or have any complication such as those given below.
• Pregnant women, breastfeeding women
• Diabetic patient (if the sugar level is uncontrolled)
• Who is suffering from cardiovascular disease
• A patient who has a blood disorder
• Individuals with kidney disease

How long are the results?

Results are long-lasting and are there to stay for rest of the life. But you need to take care of your diet to avoid reproduction of fatty tissues.

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Injections Lipolysis in Dubai

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