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Most people have moles right from birth although moles can appear at any stage of life on any part of the body. Generally, they can appear due to excessive sun exposure, aging, genetics, side effects of medications, etc. While most moles are not harmful, some can become a health risk and may even lead to skin cancer. Therefore, people usually want to get rid of suspicious moles that appear on their skin. Mole Removal Dubai helps people to get rid of unwanted moles from their bodies in a non-surgical and non-invasive manner.

What are moles and mole removal treatments?

Moles are brown or black growths on the skin caused by the clustering of melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells responsible for melanin production, which is the natural pigment giving the skin its color. These cells are generally spread throughout the skin to produce melanin and maintain skin color. However, when melanocytes start growing in clusters instead of spreading out, it causes mole formation.

It is common for moles to grow on any body part, and they can appear alone or in groups. Generally, most moles tend to appear by the time a person is 25 years, and it is normal to have up to 40 moles by adulthood. Moreover, moles are different from skin tags and freckles.

Although most moles do not cause any discomfort, some moles can be harmful or appear unsightly. A Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai can help eliminate different types of moles without surgery.

Aim of the Treatment

Mole Removal in Dubai aims to:

  • remove moles and lesions
  • free the skin of any lumps or bumps
  • reduce skin irritation
  • make the skin clear, smooth, and flawless
  • boost confidence

Candidacy Criteria

Anyone can be the ideal candidate for Laser Mole Removal if they:

  • have moles on their skin
  • want to get flawless skin
  • want to remove moles from their skin
  • seek a non-surgical solution for mole removal
  • have realistic expectations with the procedure
  • are in good physical and mental health

Machine We Use

At the Euromed Clinic Center, we always use the latest laser machines. Similarly, for Laser Mole Removal, we also use an advanced laser machine called DEKA SmartXide.

Pre-Procedure Care

Before Laser Mole Removal in Dubai, the practitioner provides some pre-procedure instructions. Candidates should follow them to avoid any complications during the procedure.

Some general pre-procedure instructions are as follows:

  • Take the prescribed tests and medications before the procedure.
  • Avoid using any supplements and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Follow the recommended diet and adopt healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Limit direct sun exposure and always apply sunscreen when going out.
  • Avoid facials and other skin treatments for at least a month before the treatment.

Treatment Techniques

Our plastic surgeons are experienced in diagnosing and treating skin tags, moles, and warts. Many factors determine the techniques used for Mole Removal Dubai. These include the size and location of the mole and the potential for scarring.

Candidates can discuss the available treatment options with our experts during consultation. They will guide and choose the most suitable choice for each candidate.

While people with cancerous moles only have the option of surgery, others can opt for one of the following options:

Avail Financing


In the case of larger moles, excision is performed. It is a surgical procedure involving cuts and stitches. The surgeon removes the mole by cutting it out entirely from the skin using a scalpel during the procedure. The chances of scarring are relatively higher in this procedure.

Laser Treatment

Laser Mole Removal is the most popular treatment for getting rid of moles. In this procedure, the practitioner administers local anesthesia to the treatment area. After numbing the treatment site, he/she uses a laser beam to remove the mole. Generally, a Laser Mole Removal Treatment requires more than one session to remove the mole entirely.


Cryotherapy or Freezing is a quick and safe treatment for mole removal. An expert applies a specialized solution of liquid nitrogen and argon gas to the mole during the procedure. Generally, he/she will apply it with a cotton swab, a spraying device, or through injection. As soon as the solution is applied to the mole, ice crystals begin to form, breaking the cells within the mole, and the mole is removed. Unlike excision, this treatment leaves no scars.

Post-Procedure Care

Laser Mole Removal does not require an extensive aftercare regimen. However, candidates have to follow some general instructions such as:

  • Avoid unnecessarily touching or scratching the treatment area.
  • Take all the prescribed medications to avoid complications.
  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling or redness.
  • Do not engage in strenuous activities for at least 2-3 days after the treatment.
  • Consult your doctor immediately in case of anything unusual.


After a Mole Removal Treatment, the recovery period is minimal, and most candidates do not experience anything unusual during this time. Some patients may feel discomfort for about a day after the treatment. Swelling and redness are also common. However, these symptoms subside within a day and are easily manageable.


The results of Mole Removal in Dubai are permanent, especially in the case of surgical mole removal. Generally, the results are immediately visible, but it may take more than one session to achieve the desired results. But once the mole is removed, candidates can enjoy flawless skin without any bumps and lumps.

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Laser Mole Removal has several benefits, including:

  • It is a non-surgical and non-invasive method.
  • The results are instant and permanent.
  • It is a safe and effective option.
  • The treatment has no side effects and downtime.
  • The procedure is inexpensive.
  • It makes the skin smooth and flawless.

Side Effects

There are no severe side effects of Laser Mole Removal. Candidates may experience some temporary side effects such as:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Scabbing

These side effects generally subside within a day. However, surgical mole removal leaves a visible scar. In rare cases, infections and nerve damage may also occur.

Mole Removal FAQs

What are the causes of Moles?

The mole represents skin deformities and they occur when skin cells grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. They do not pose a health risk but the dark spot of the skin cancer can be similar to a mole. Thus, it is important to have your moles checked by a dermatologist.

Why is Mole Removal Beneficial?

A mole removal treatment makes your skin flawless. As a result, you feel happy and stop thinking about your moles which allow you to achieve more in your life.

Is mole removal painful?

The laser mole removal treatment is a painless treatment because the latest laser machines do not harm the skin.

Is mole removal treatment covered by insurance?

The mole removal treatments are considered as cosmetic treatments and most of the insurance companies do not cover such procedures.

My mole has hair over it. Can the hairs be removed?

If your mole has hair on it, it is safe to remove that hair. There are no known harms associated with it.

Can I have all my moles removed by laser without leaving scars?

The laser mole removal can remove small scars easily. In general, it does not leave scars. If a person ends up having scars after taking a mole removal treatment, there is a laser treatment for scar removal.

Get The Cost

Mole Removal Cost Dubai

The Mole Removal Cost in Dubai is not fixed as it depends on several variable factors, such as:

  • The clinic’s location and reputation
  • The expert’s qualification and expertise
  • Number of sessions
  • Number of moles
  • Skin type and condition
  • The technique selected for treatment
  • Desired results

At Euromed Clinic Center, the treatment is offered at a reasonable price. However, only an expert can determine the exact treatment cost. So, contact us now to know the exact price in your case.

Consult an Expert

Mole Removal Dubai is a safe and effective option for getting rid of unsightly and unwanted moles. If you are considering this treatment, consult with our experts at Euromed Clinic Center. You can schedule an initial consultation session by filling the online form. Moreover, you can give us a call or visit our clinic, and our staff representatives will guide you further.


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