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Saggy or droopy eyelids can make you look older than your actual age and angry even when you are not. But sagging skin treatments are now available with advancements in technology and the cosmetic industry. If you are looking for a non-surgical alternative, Plexr non-surgical eye lift is an excellent alternative to surgical blepharoplasty. This advanced procedure does not require the candidate to go under the knife and offers extraordinary results without surgery.

What is Plexr Plasma Eye Lift?

Plexr Eye Lift is a non-surgical procedure that helps reduce the sagginess of the eyelids. The plasma is applied to the targeted eyelid using a specialized device with the primary purpose of tightening the excess skin. Candidates will get refreshed, more confident, and youthful look thanks to this procedure.

This procedure is less expensive than surgical options, and no anesthesia is required, making it completely safe.

Candidacy Criteria

Individuals should consult an expert to confirm their candidacy for the procedure. Generally, anyone is a good candidate for the Plexr non-surgical eye lift if they have:

  • Good mental and physical health
  • Dark circles
  • Saggy eyelids
  • Under-eye hollows
  • Realistic expectations of the results

Pre-Procedure Care

An expert will provide candidates with pre-procedure instructions during the initial consultation based on their condition. Some general pre-procedure instructions include:

  • Do not go out in the sun for a few days before the eyelift.
  • Stop using aspirin or other blood thinners for 1 to 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • Get all the prescribed tests done before the procedure.
  • Avoid applying makeup on the day of the treatment.


The Plexr Plasma Eye Lift procedure takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. The procedure does not require general anesthesia so that candidates won’t need more recovery time. Usually, local or topical anesthesia is used to perform the procedure to minimize the pain.

The procedure uses the latest pen-like device to create an ionized plasma arc on the eyelid. The dermatologist brings the pen-like device close to the eyelid, creating a microdot. This microdot instantly vaporizes the excess skin, removes lines and wrinkles, and tightens the area around the eye.

Post-Procedure Care

After the procedure, candidates will have to follow some post-procedure instructions to achieve the best results. Some general aftercare instructions are as follows:

  • Avoid using blood thinners for about 7 to 10 days after the procedure.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and use a quality sunblock if you need to go out.
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Plexr Non-Surgical Eye Lift FAQ’s

What is the best non-surgical eye lift?

Plexr non-surgical eye lift is one of the best eye lift procedures. It can help minimize aging signs and tighten the skin around the eyes by lifting eyelids without severe side effects. It is an excellent alternative to blepharoplasty used for eyelid correction.

How long does Plexr eye lift last?

Plexr Plasma eye lift results are usually permanent and last for years, depending on the severity of your condition and type of skin. However, patients may see visible results 3-4 weeks after the treatment.

How painful is Plexr?

Plexr non-surgical eye lift is not painful at all except for minor inconvenience. In order to make the procedure completely pain-free, dermatologists use topical or local anesthesia.

How long does Plexr take to heal?

Non-Surgical eye lift or Plexr treatment usually takes 5-7 days for the inflammation to disappear and crusts to remove. Generally, 2-3 weeks are needed to heal completely.

What is the best treatment for sagging eyelids?

According to dermatologists, surgical blepharoplasty is the best treatment for treating sagging eyelids. This treatment offers long-lasting effects for treating drooping eyes. But if you do not want to undergo surgery, Plexr eye lift is the best option for treating sagging eyelids.

Recovery and Results

Minimal to no downtime is linked to the procedure. The treated area may get slightly swollen or red, but it will disappear within 2 to 3 days. Moreover, crusts will also form on the treated area, but they will also disappear within a week. If you need to hide them, use a concealer or schedule the treatment on the weekend.

Plexr non-surgical eye lift can offer outstanding outcomes. It is known as the only latest alternative for a surgical eyelift. But it is vital to choose your practitioner carefully and find the best one with experience and knowledge of the latest technology.

Another important fact is that the results are permanent, and candidates will look younger and more beautiful after the procedure.

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Consult an Expert

According to medical experts, you should get a consultation before Plexr non-surgical eye lift procedure. At Euromed Clinic Center, we provide initial consultations because we want to offer you maximum benefits with our professional services. One of our experts will examine your skin texture, skin type, understand your expectations, and provide you with an honest opinion about what the likely results would be for you.

You can also discuss your queries so that your mind will be clear to make a decision. All you need is to fill the following form, and our team will get in touch to schedule your consultation.


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