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Skin aging is characterized by sagginess and the formation of deep wrinkles and lines on the face, especially around the eyes. You may particularly notice droopiness in the upper and lower eyelids. 

Not only do these aging signs affect your facial appearance, but they may also limit the field of vision.

The good news is you can correct sagging eyelids with Plexr plasma eyelid treatment, a specialized procedure to make your eyes appear more youthful.

What is Plexr Plasma Eyelift?

Plexr plasma eyelift is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that helps reduce loose fat from eyelids by vaporizing fat cells (sublimation). This treatment involves using a specialized device called Plexr that regenerates plasma on the eyelids. It is a pen-shaped device with a pointing tip, which generates plasma when brought in close contact with the skin. The resultant sublimation leaves behind a tiny dot – resembling a brown spot. Sublimation induces controlled inflammation and tightness in the surrounding tissues.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for The Treatment?

An ideal candidate for the eyelift procedure with Plexr Plasma is someone with:

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Visible puffiness under the eyes, also known as eye bags

Furthermore, if you want to get Plexr Plasma eyelift treatment, make sure that you are:

  • Over 18 years
  • Not a smoker
  • Overall physically healthy

Causes of Droopy Eyelids

The most common reason for droopy eyelids is aging, which causes eyelid muscles to become weak. The severe drooping of eyelids may even cause obstructed vision. The aging process also causes excess fat accumulation under the eyes, leading to eye bag formation.

Other reasons for droopy eyelids include:

  • Damage to eyelid muscles
  • Injury or disease that causes eyelid muscles to weaken

In some cases, this problem is present at the time of birth.

Pre-Procedure Care

Plexr Plasma eyelift is a non-invasive beauty treatment that enhances the appearance of your eyes without making the treatment area too vulnerable. For this reason, it doesn’t come with an extensive list of pre-treatment care instructions. In most cases, you only have to arrive 30 minutes before the procedure to allow your dermatologist to properly prep the treatment area.

Moreover, your doctor may ask you to stop taking blood-thinning medications like Ascal, ibuprofen, or Naproxen. Additionally, you may use Arnica drops for five days before the treatment. It will help promote quick recovery after the procedure.

Plexr Plasma Eyelift Procedure

Before starting the procedure, the dermatologist applies a numbing cream to the treatment area to prevent pain when the plasma pulse strikes the eyelid’s skin.

When the numbing solution comes into effect, the dermatologist brings the tip of the Plexr device close to the treatment region and releases the plasma pulse. This pulse causes fat cells to evaporate, leaving behind a tiny dot. This process doesn’t cause bleeding and damage to the area around the dot.

The dermatologist creates several dots on the eyelid skin. Each of these dots turns into a brown spot due to the formation of carbon crust immediately after sublimation. The practitioner will advise against touching these crusts to prevent scars.

The entire Plexr plasma eyelift procedure lasts 20-60 minutes, depending on the treatment area. You may need three treatment sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

Avail Financing

Post Procedure Care

  • Use ice packs to deal with post-treatment swelling.
  • It is crucial not to touch the treatment area for at least 48 hours or according to your dermatologist’s instructions.
  • Stay away from the sun for seven days after the treatment. When moving out, be sure to use a sunscreen of SPF 30. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least six weeks.
  • If possible, take a few days off from work and rest at home to allow smooth recovery.
  • You will see scabs on the treatment area. Be sure not to pick at them. You may apply makeup when the scabs fall off.
  • Your practitioner will ask you to avoid strenuous activities for a few days to prevent increased blood flow to your facial muscles.

Plexr Plasma Procedure Results

The instant tightening in the eyelid tissues provides immediate results. However, Plexr Plasma eyelift treatment results are more prominent once the post-treatment swelling subsides. The final results may become visible three to six months after the treatment.


  • Plexr eyelift treatment is popular due to its non-invasive nature and quicker results.
  • This treatment is suitable for all skin types.
  • The plasma energy induces a quicker skin-tightening effect in the tissues around each plasma-struck dot.
  • It is a suitable treatment for individuals who want to lift their eye tissues without undergoing blepharoplasty. Nonetheless, you must determine if your eyelids are not overly saggy to require more extensive treatment.

Get The Cost

Which is better, plasma or Botox?

Since both treatments have pros and cons, calling either one the “best treatment” would be tricky. Generally, it boils down to the candidacy criteria. Some people may benefit from Plexr more than Botox and vice versa. Typically, Botox eyebrow lift treatment is less costly but delivers results that last three months. On the other hand, Plexr may be more expensive than Botox, but its results are longer-lasting.

Plexr Non-Surgical Eye Lift FAQs

How long does plasma Eyelift last?

The result of Plexr eyelift treatment generally lasts three years. You can extend these results by taking care of your health and appearance.

Is plasma eye lift painful?

Plasma eyelift treatment is only minimally painful. Your practitioner will apply a numbing solution to the treatment site as a preemptive measure to mitigate the procedure-related pain. You may feel slight discomfort once the effect of the numbing solution wears off.

Can Plexr Plasma cause scarring?

The tiny dots created by the Plexr device usually heal without leaving scars behind. After some time, nobody will be able to tell whether you had your eyelids treated.

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Plexr Plasma Eyelift procedure is a quick and effective way to give your eyes a more lifted appearance. However, it is crucial to get this treatment from a skilled practitioner. That’s where Euromed Clinic Dubai comes in. This medical cosmetic facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and run by highly professional staff. We have top-rated practitioners with high-level expertise to help you achieve your healthcare and aesthetic goals.

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