Plexr Treatment

Aging signs can affect an individual’s overall appearance making them look aged. Plexr treatment is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps resolve aging signs and enhances the overall appearance without undergoing surgery. This procedure is safe and treats a number of skin problems effectively.

Candidacy Criteria

You are an ideal candidate for Plexr treatment if you:

  • Want an inexpensive solution to your skin problems
  • Need quick and promising results
  • Cannot take time off work
  • Do not want to undergo eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Want to enhance your facial appearance
  • Have realistic expectations with the procedure

Treatable Conditions

Plexr treatment is a safe procedure that can be performed on different body parts to fix a variety of skin problems. It is commonly used for treating the following skin problems:

  • Droopy Eyelids

The skin on the eyelid often turns saggy due to different reasons, negatively impacting the facial appearance. Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that improves the eyelid skin and the skin around the eyes. It can effectively lift the droopy eyelids and tighten the eyelid skin.

  • Turkey Neck

Plexr can also help improve the sagging skin in the neck area. A Plexr neck lift can help tone and tighten the sagging neck skin, also called turkey neck.

  • Scars

A medical problem, medication side effect, or an accident can cause scarring on a facial or body area. These scars, especially facial scars, can make an individual self-conscious about their appearance. Luckily, Plexr can improve the appearance of these scars and deliver quick results without causing damage.

  • Smile and Lip lines

Laugh/smile lines and lip lines can change the facial appearance, making a person look aged. In addition to this tell-tale sign, other superficial symptoms of aging can also be improved using Plexr for lip and smile lines.

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are the most common aging signs that make a person look older than they are. Wrinkles and fine lines can be improved and removed using Plexr.

  • Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can occur during pregnancy or if someone experiences rapid growth during the teenage years. Some stretch marks do not easily disappear and cause aesthetic problems. Plexr treatment is a safe and effective option for stretch marks removal.


The Plexr pen-like device is used to perform this non-surgical procedure. It is an advanced handheld device based on plasma therapy that ionizes the gas between the skin and the tip of the device. As a result, a small amount of electric current is produced across the skin.

After the procedure, the topmost layer of the skin starts to sublimate (skin layer turns to gas form). Our experts carefully use this technology to treat droopy eyelids and several other skin concerns. A topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the procedure to avoid discomfort and pain.

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Recovery and Results

Since Plexr treatment is a non-surgical procedure, there is minimal to no downtime. The treated area will become red, and tiny scabs will also form, but these symptoms will disappear in a while. If you want to hide the scabs, a concealer can help, or you can schedule the procedure on the weekend.

Once the treated area recovers completely, the results will be instantly visible. The skin will become wrinkle-free, tight, and lifted.


Plexr treatment offers several benefits such as:

  • The Plexr treatment is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive option.
  • The procedure is short, effective, and safe.
  • It can fix a variety of skin problems without undergoing surgery.
  • It can be termed as an alternative to eyelid surgery.
  • This treatment causes no side effects and involves no risk of complications.

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Plexr Treatment FAQ’s

How long does Plexr take to heal?

Plexr treatment takes 7 days for the crust and swelling to go down. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the complete recovery.

Does Plexr really work?

Yes, Plexr is an advanced and effective treatment with very positive reviews from a number of patients. The treatment is non-surgical, minimally invasive, and offers incredible results.

How can I tighten my eyelids without surgery?

The patient can opt for plasma pen or Plexr treatment along with other home remedies like placing cucumber slices on their eyelids to tighten eyelids without surgery. But the Plexr treatment is the most effective non-surgical treatment for tightening the eyelids.

How long does plasma eye lift last?

The results of plasma treatment usually last for 3 years. You will have increased collagen and elastin production for many months after the treatment.

Is Plexr treatment safe?

Plexr treatment is considered a soft surgery, but it is not as invasive as a surgical procedure. Moreover, it does not involve any cuts and stitches, so there is no chance of infection. So, overall, the procedure is safe and causes no complications.

Consult an Expert

You may wonder how Plexr treatment can benefit you. Most people want to know this, and we can answer this question after checking your specific skin problem. You can learn about this treatment by speaking to one of our experts directly. So, visit us for a consultation after scheduling it in advance by calling or filling out the online form.


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