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Body slimming refers to non-surgical treatments that help reduce body fat to produce a slim and contoured body appearance. These non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment methods help melt fat deposits, which are then removed by the immune system.

What is a Slim Body?

A slim body is characterized by a well-contoured appearance supplemented by reduced subcutaneous and visceral fat. This body appearance adds to the overall aesthetics and is generally considered more attractive than a body with a significant amount of fat.

Benefits Of Full Body Slimming Treatment

Full-body slimming treatment aims to bring a drastic change in your appearance. This treatment reduces fat pockets under the skin and deep inside the body to improve contours and help you get your best shape. Full-body slimming treatment mainly delivers the following benefits.

  • Overall reduced body dimensions from all sides
  • Improved figure
  • Reduced-fat deposits

This treatment is suitable for anyone who is overweight and is unable to benefit from exercise and diet.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is when you work with a skilled practitioner to formulate a full-body slimming plan. This will include a suitable treatment from the practitioner and necessary lifestyle changes to supplement the treatment effect. 

The doctor will also look into other things such as your overall health, medical history, health conditions, medications, your general approach to reducing fat, and the results you expect. Additionally, they analyze your BMI, fat and muscle percentage, and waist-to-hip ratio. They estimate the number of treatment sessions you need based on all these factors.

Body Slimming Treatments

Various treatments are available to help you with body slimming. The main goal of these treatments is to help you get rid of body fat that doesn’t respond to exercise and changes in diet plans. Let’s have a quick overview of the body slimming treatments we provide at Euromed Clinic Dubai.


Cavitation, also known as ultrasonic cavitation, refers to the use of ultrasound technology to decompose fat cells deposited beneath the skin. This non-surgical method involves pressure application to the fat cells using ultrasonic vibrations. Cavitation mainly helps reduce cellulite and adipose fat, reducing circumference and shaping your body contours.

Cellulite Treatment with Radiofrequency

This treatment utilizes radiofrequency to target cellulite. This procedure induces fat cell decomposition in the target area. Those fat cells then leave the body through lymphatic pathways. This treatment breaks down and removes excess subcutaneous fat and stimulates collagen production to tauten the sagging skin.

Injection Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis involves injecting a chemical called deoxycholic acid under the skin. This chemical reduces the number of fat cells around the injection site. This minimally invasive treatment is performed under local anesthesia and requires no downtime afterward.

Injection lipolysis targets localized fat deposits in the following body areas:

  • Face
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks

It is worth mentioning that injection lipolysis is more suited for people with body fat in a slightly excess amount.


Eximia is a multifaceted body-slimming treatment that combines various perks to deliver different aesthetic benefits. The primary aim of this treatment is fat reduction using low-frequency laser energy to give you a contoured body appearance. The additional features of this treatment include:

  • Vacuum therapy to suction melted fat
  • Radiofrequency to supplement fat decomposition and induce skin tautness
  • Vibrational therapy and skin resurfacing

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Slimming Treatment FAQs

Do slimming treatments work?

Yes, body slimming treatments can help bring a dramatic change in the body contours and reduce overall circumference by reducing subcutaneous fat.

What is the difference between liposuction and body sculpting?

Body sculpting involves removing a small amount of body fat in the targeted areas to improve overall body contouring. On the other hand, liposuction helps eliminate more significant amounts of body fat.

Is ultrasonic cavitation harmful?

No, it’s quite the opposite, actually. According to the FDA, this non-invasive treatment is safe and requires no downtime. On top of that, fat cells won’t grow back in the treated areas.

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Full-body slimming treatment helps you achieve your dream appearance by removing fat deposits under the skin, provided that you get this treatment from a skilled practitioner. Hence, booking a consultation at a certified medical cosmetic facility like Euromed Clinic Dubai is the first step towards a slimmer and more attractive body appearance. You may book this consultation using the online form below.


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