Visia skin analysis is a famous technology that looks below the surface of the skin to find out irregularities that may happen to your skin such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots etc.

The treatment uses an advanced analysis machine called VISIA to look through the skin problems you are undergoing or about to develop. Through this procedure, the majority of your skin defects are magnified and presented on­screen with a specific end goal to make a move before they grow further.

How Does it Work?

During the analysis, VISIA identifies the six common skin issues which tend to affect your skin’s quality, complexion and skin’s general health. These issues include

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Spots
  3. Pores
  4. Uneven skin tone
  5. Porphyrins
  6. UV spots

The procedure let you know whether your skin has built up any of these issues or is going to develop any one of them in future. It enables you to take preventive measures or the correct treatment to treat the problems at the right time.

During the Visia Skin Analysis, the therapist provides you full information about your skin condition. Your condition might also be compared with another patient of your age and ethnicity. This data empowers our specialists to give a well-rounded investigation on your skin’s present condition and suggest the correct treatment for you.

What to Expect?

VISIA provides a thorough examination of all type of skin concerns, from complexion, evenness, and wrinkles to sun harm. With an accurate imaging of all your skin concerns, our therapist is able to suggest you the best rejuvenation and regeneration treatment on the basis of your particular skin concern.

Based on your profile, the program will likewise incorporate balanced suggestions for a bespoke facial skincare that will ensure your skin is always in optimum condition. Thanks to Visia, you will have the capacity to screen the outcomes from treatment to treatment, and the advances made consistently.

The Visia investigation includes putting your face into a specially designed photograph corner and taking photos with a specific camera under various light conditions and furthermore from three unique points. The PC shows the outcomes at a moment and we will decipher it for you. We can likewise abridge the outcomes and suggestions for any medicines in a report for you to keep.

Who is the Candidate?

The treatment is beneficial for everyone who wants to assess his/her skin for several issues to select the best-suited treatment for them.

How to Prepare?

There are no special preparations required for the VISIA skin analysis process, however, there few suggestions to act upon before getting one.

  • Don’t wear any skin products on the day of the procedure
  • Keep your body hydrated fro few days before the treatment
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes on the day of treatment

Visia Skin Analysis in Dubai

Contact us a Euromed Clinic Dubai for your consultation for VISIA skin analysis process. The clinic provides you the best services in the area at very competitive cost. If you want to undergo Visia Skin Analysis in Dubai, feel free to contact us directly.

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