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The sleep is of utmost importance to function properly but sleep apnea disrupts it. This problem causes disruption in breathing while asleep. If you snore while sleeping it is not good for you or the person sleeping near you. The snoring treatment Dubai is the solution. Continue reading to know its cost, benefits, side effects, technique, discounts, etc.

What is Snoring Treatment Dubai?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder but most people do not know how it affects their sleep cycle. The snoring treatment in Dubai aims at solving the sleep apnea disorder to give you and your spouse a more peaceful sleep. It takes 30 to 45 minutes and there are no major side effects.

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Results and Benefits

If you have got sleep apnea, you can expect the following benefits from it;

  • There is no downtime.
  • There are minor side effects.
  • You will be able to sleep well.
  • It delivers long-lasting results.
  • It works for most of the people.
  • It is minimally invasive treatment.
  • You and your spouse will finally be able to sleep well.

Who is a Candidate?

You are a good candidate for the snoring treatment in Dubai if you have got sleep apnea issue and/or you;

  • Feel sleepy most of the day
  • Wake up with very sore and dry throat
  • Snore very loudly and are unable to sleep
  • Wake up due to choking and gasping sensation
  • Get morning headaches and memory gets disturbed
  • Have less level of energy and feel sleepy during driving

What is the Aim of Treatment?

  • The treatment aims at removing the extra skin to clear the air passage. As a result:
  • The patient will be able to breathe properly and sleep well.
  • The snoring problem will be treated.
  • The patient will be able to sleep well at night.
  • The patient will be able to avoid the side effects of Sleep Apnea.

Which Technique is Used?

The Snore3 technique is used to perform this treatment. It is easy to perform and takes less time due to its non-surgical and non-invasive nature. Instead of relying on surgery, with Snore3 the soft tissue that hinders the air flow is treated with a high-intensity laser light.

In fact, the tissue will be reduced by the laser light. Thus, this technique solves the problem without cutting or stitching the skin. The soft tissues will be located in a way that the size of the airway is increased. The uvula is trimmed using a laser over a period of several visits.

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

Your surgeon will hand over a list of instructions to be followed to get the best possible results. So following the pre-op care is of utmost importance. It is easy to prepare for the treatment. You will visit the doctor for the Sleep Apnea Test (Polysomnogram). You may feel disturbed during this test but it is necessary to know for sure if you are a good candidate for the snoring treatment in dubai.

Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time

Following the pre-op care is of utmost importance. Your surgeon will hand over a list of instructions to be followed to get the best possible results. The patient will be able to resume the routine activities and the minor side effects will subside very soon. The patient will have to take care of the treatment area.

Get The Cost

Cost of Snoring Treatment

The cost of snoring treatment in Dubai varies from person to person. At the EuroMed Clinic, we charge a reasonable price for the treatment. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know the exact cost of the treatment in your case.

What is the main cause of snoring?

When the airflow in the throat partially gets blocked, the snoring problem takes place. As a result, the affected person has to force the air thereby causing loud sounds known as snoring.

How can I stop snoring?

You should consult an ENT specialist to know if you are a good candidate for the snoring treatment. Moreover, some exercises and home remedies can also help.

How can you treat with snoring?

There are different exercises and home remedies that can help but the permanent solution is the snoring treatment.

Is snoring curable?

Yes, snoring is curable and there are different ways to get rid of it. Doctors often suggest a snoring treatment for this issue.

Are you providing snoring treatment for all age of peoples?

Yes, the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai uses different techniques to stop snoring problem in people of different ages.

How long last snoring treatment?

The results of our snoring treatment will last for a long time if you have chosen a qualified and experienced doctor.

Does snoring treatment covered by Insurance?

You have to check with your insurance company. The insurance company may fully or partially cover the treatment cost.

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