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Life changing 10 week Menopause Program

Brought to you by Geraldine Naidoo, Doctorate, PhD Natural Medicine.

Did you know that suffering is optional during menopause/perimenopause?

Yes, absolutely! Here’s how I know this for sure!

Several years ago, we had just concluded a fabulous yoga class, and the lady next to me immediately started to fan herself. I looked over and she was red in the face and sweating profusely! I felt a bit panicked as her breathing rate increased. She tried to laugh it off and said “ Oh it’s just the dreaded menopause, cant avoid it”.

The woman next to her, who was older, smiled and said “ I have never had any symptoms”

I was intrigued. How can some women suffer so much with all sorts of menopause symptoms and others don’t experience anything at all? This didn’t seem fair. But the more women I spoke to, the more I found this to be true!

Did this mean that change of life did not have to be full of hot flashes, night sweats, mood fluctuations, insomnia, migraines and all the other myriad of symptoms that are so common?

My PhD research topic was born!

With great zest, I set out to discover how women could  best deal with life’s most natural transition,  and to see how we can embrace the beauty of menopause and perimenopause.

Here is what I found:

Mind-blowing Discoveries:

1. The hormonal system does not work in isolation.

It is informed by your nervous system!

Measured results showed a dramatic change in symptoms once the nervous system was regulated, using only non -invasive mindbody interventions.

2. With regards specific symptoms, for e.g hot flushes, it is not just one common factor that applied across the board for each woman. In fact, it turned out that uniqueness/individual story was the biggest factor involved in every single symptom. Your life story matters because the imprint has been left in your body and Is showing up as symptoms

3. Significantly, The root cause of symptoms was unresolved emotions/experiences.

Thus working with unresolved stress made all the difference to every single participant for every single  listed menopause/perimenopause symptom!

4. It does not have to take forever!. I set out with a sample group of 32 women, who committed to 10 months, hoping to prove some change in this time. I concluded my research after just 10 weeks of once a week, weekly consultations because everyone had either improved, or totally overcome their symptoms. WOW!

If you feel desperate and would like improvement of symptoms before the summer this year, find relief and experience change, contact us today so you can feel better before you go on holiday!

*Note: We will measure change on a weekly basis so you can see very clearly how your patterns and symptoms shift as we progress.

Individual consultation 1200 aed

3 sessions package

5 sessions package.

***Ramadan/Eid  Special Offer 2024  8000aed(10 sessions)