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Hydrocele testis is fluid accumulation next to a testicle inside a sac called the scrotum. This accumulation usually develops on one side, but sometimes it can form around both testicles. This condition is generally painless and subsides on its own. However, it may persist in some cases, causing scrotal swelling for a prolonged period. Hydrocele testis treatment usually becomes necessary in such cases.

It is necessary to get persistent scrotal swelling checked by a doctor because it’s also a cancer symptom. This diagnosis mainly helps rule out the chances of testicular cancer.

What Causes Hydroceles?

A male baby’s testicles descend from the abdomen and pass through the groin area, also known as the inguinal canal, during the final stages of pregnancy. The testicles reach the scrotum just before childbirth. Each testicle is covered in a sac consisting of protective tissue or membranes. This sac also contains fluid that helps the testicle move freely.

During the baby’s first year, this sac closes itself, and the fluid gets absorbed in the body. However, this sac closure or fluid absorption doesn’t happen if a hydrocele is present. The main reason for this hydrocele presence is usually premature birth.

Hydroceles, or water hernia, may also develop in grown men, usually after 40. This generally happens because of the incomplete closure of the channel through which the testicles descend into the scrotum. Sometimes, the closed channels reopen, allowing the fluid from the abdomen to move into the scrotum and cause hydrocele. Other reasons for hydrocele include injury and inflammation in the scrotum next to the channel. The inflammation, in this case, is usually due to an infection.

What are the kinds of Hydrocele?

Hydroceles are classified into two main types: noncommunicating and communicating.

  • Non-communicating Hydrocele: A non-communicating hydrocele is when the body doesn’t absorb the fluid, even though the sac closes after the testicle descends.
  • Communicating Hydrocele: A communicating hydrocele occurs due to the incomplete closure of the sac. As a result, the fluid flows in and out of the scrotum.

What are hydrocele symptoms?

Hydroceles usually remain painless. Most of the time, their only symptom is scrotal swelling. Adults may, however, feel some heaviness in the scrotum.

Sometimes, the swelling in the scrotum may be more severe in the morning than in the evening. Still, the hydrocele wouldn’t cause any pain.

Remember, you must seek immediate medical attention if you or your child experience severe or sudden pain in the scrotum. This pain may signify testicular torsion, which happens due to an injury or accident causing the testicle to twist. While this problem is not quite common, it is a medical emergency as it can block the blood supply to the testicles, causing infertility.

Diagnosis of Hydrocele Testis

At Euromed Clinic Dubai, our doctor will first perform a physical exam of your scrotum to look for the signs of a hydrocele. A hydrocele will cause your scrotum to become swollen, but there will be no pain. Moreover, your doctor won’t be able to feel your testicle through the fluid buildup. They will also perform transillumination, a test performed to see clear liquid surrounding the testicles.

Some other diagnostic procedures are also performed to check for the root cause of the hydrocele.

Here is a quick overview of those diagnostic procedures.

  • Blood and Urine Tests: This test helps determine if the hydrocele of you or that of your child is due to an infection, such as epididymitis.
  • Ultrasound test: This imaging test helps doctors identify the reason behind pain and swelling in the scrotum. Ultrasound helps diagnose problems such as testicular torsion, injury to the testicle, infection or inflammation, a cyst or tumor, and other issues.

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What Treatment Options Are Available for Hydrocele?

Several options are available to treat hydrocele. Here is a brief overview of the options we offer at Euromed Clinic Dubai.


A hydrocelectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the hydrocele. Before starting this procedure, the doctor examines your scrotum to rule out testicular torsion.

The surgeon will begin with this hydrocele surgery once they are sure that enlargement of your scrotum is due to the hydrocele. They will make a small incision in the scrotal skin to suction the hydrocele from the sac containing testicles. The surgeon will also close the communication channel between the scrotum and the abdominal cavity. And then, they will close the incision after removing the hydrocele sac.

Hydrocelectomy is performed under general anesthesia, meaning that the patient won’t remember anything about the procedure.

Aspiration and Sclerotherapy

Several studies suggest aspiration and sclerotherapy as highly effective ways to treat hydrocele testis in older people. Aspiration involves driving excess fluid into the hydrocele, while sclerotherapy involves injecting medications into the scrotal veins to make them shrink. This non-surgical treatment carries an insignificant risk of hydrocele recurrence.

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Hydrocele Testis Removal FAQ’s

How can I fix my hydrocele without surgery?

Healthy lifestyle changes can help treat hydrocele testis without surgery. The two most viable home-based hydrocele testis treatment methods are physical activity and a healthy diet. However, you will need to avoid any strenuous activities that might end up putting pressure on your scrotum.

Is hydrocele life-threatening?

Hydrocele itself is not a dangerous or life-threatening disease. It does not affect your fertility either. However, hydrocele might be a sign of a medical condition that may lead to severe complications such as infection or tumors and inguinal hernia.

Is hydrocele surgery painful?

Although hydrocele surgery involves incisions that can be painful, the doctor applies a numbing solution or administers local anesthesia beforehand to keep pain at bay. You will feel some pain in the treated region once the effect of anesthesia wears off. But this pain generally subsides in a few days.

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