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Five of the fattest 10 countries in the world are here in the Middle East.

The standard prescription for weight loss is “Eat less, Move more.” Virtually every person who has used this calorie reduction for weight loss has failed.

We must start with the single most important question regarding obesity: “What causes it?” the traditional thinking of “Calories In versus Calories Out” is just plain wrong! The common root cause of both obesity and diabetes (Diabesity) is “insulin resistance.”

The morbidity and mortality, not to mention the economic costs of obesity, are well known to all. Most people who are fat and obese have diabetes or prediabetes that causes most of the chronic diseases we see.

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Fact Cycle - fat loss programs

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MYTH 1: Obesity is caused by an imbalance of calories – you should eat less and exercise more. (1st law of thermodynamics)


FACT: Obesity is not a disorder of energy balance. Obesity is a “hormonal dysregulation” of fat mass. The body’s “set point”, (brain) is too high because of a hormonal imbalance primarily from excess insulin and cortisol.


MYTH 2: A calorie is a calorie.


FACT: A calorie from carbohydrates is very different from protein and fat due to the different hormonal responses it engenders. What you eat is important.


MYTH 3: What you eat is not the only important factor for fat loss.


FACT: To overcome ‘insulin resistance’ it is not only the macronutrient composition of “what you eat” but also “when to eat” – meal timing can break this insulin persistence.

The Program

Euromed has partnered with Eternity Medicine to deliver one of the most successful fat loss programs in Dubai.

Before you go and have part of your healthy stomach and intestines removed let us show you how to lose 10-20 or even 70+ kg in a few months in a natural way.

Weight Loss Program

Obesity – Fat-Loss Program FAQ’s

How can an obese woman lose weight?

To lose weight, an obese woman should reduce refined carbs, drink more water, eliminate sugar, do regular exercise, yoga, and cardio, have a regular sleep schedule, and walk more. Apart from that, she can sign up for an Obesity – Fat-Loss Program to lose weight systematically.

What exercise should an obese person do?

According to the American Heart Association, exercises like climbing stairs and jogging have proved beneficial for losing weight. However, an Obesity – Fat-Loss Program usually eases the participants into a healthier lifestyle by making them walk more.

Will losing 100 pounds cause loose skin?

Generally, a person who loses a large amount of weight ends up with excess and loose skin. So, if you lose 100 pounds in an Obesity – Fat-Loss Program, you will have hanging or loose skin after attaining your desired weight.

How many minutes of exercise should an obese person do?

Exercise is the key to losing weight easily in obese people. So, in an Obesity – Fat-Loss Program, an average obese adult is encouraged to perform a moderate-intensity exercise for at least half an hour 5 days a week.

Do obese people lose weight faster?

Yes, obese people lose weight faster than slim ones. The reason is that the heavier a person is, the easier it becomes to shed the first few pounds. Moreover, obese people have more mass to lose than slim people, therefore, they lose weight faster.

How to get started

Please call 04 394 5422 to make an appointment. Our consultation is always available from one of our doctors that will explain all the details of the program. If you have early onset of Diabetes or Pre-diabetes we will cure you as fat takes place.


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