Half the world now has diabetes or prediabetes. We believe that the majority of people with Heart disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s have ‘insulin resistance’ that causes high-blood sugar (Diabetes) and most of the chronic disease that afflicts us today.

Euromed is one of the Centers chosen by Eternity Medicine to deliver its groundbreaking program that can cure your diabetes within two months and often in one week!

We will not cure Type II diabetes by following the American Diabetic Association (ADA) nutritional guidelines or taking insulin!

Let us prove to you what we promise. The first step is to contact us and have a painless Blood Sugar Monitor placed on your arm that will measure your sugar levels every 15min, 96 times a day for 2 weeks. We will demonstrate to you it is not only “what you eat” but also “when you eat” that counts. We promise delicious, natural, real food and that you will never be hungry as you begin to reverse and cure your diabetes.

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MYTH 1: Diabetes is a chronic progressive disease capable of amelioration but not cure.


FACT: Most type II diabetics can be cured within two months and often in one week!


MYTH 2: Diabetes is a disease of abnormal sugar levels and the only correct treatment is increasing levels of insulin and diabetic pills.


FACT: Type II diabetes is due to ‘insulin resistance’ with excessive insulin. Why treat a condition of insulin excess with yet more insulin? Diabetes can be easily cured without insulin.


MYTH 3: The American Diet Association (ADA) recommend that a healthy diet should consist of six or more servings of “bread, cereals, pasta and starchy vegetables that are low in fat and cholesterol.”


FACT: Eat a high fat low carb (HFLC) diet, no snacks and use “intermittent fasting” (IF) on a regular basis to cure your diabetes.

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The Program

We provide a ‘whole person’ approach that is personalized aiming at those key factors that are causing your “insulin resistance.” As many people with type II diabetes are also overweight (Diabesity) you will also lose weight with your program without feeling tired and hungry.

How to get started

The program is safe and based on solid science with proven outcomes. Please feel free to call 04 394 5422 and make an appointment with one of our doctors, who will outline how you can cure your diabetes.

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