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Most people know that coronary artery disease (CAD), like all chronic disease, takes 20 plus years to develop and is due to several root-causes or risk factors. The American Heart Association (AHA) 2020 Impact Goals recognizes 7 key risk factors: – not smoking, physical activity, normal body weight, optimal cholesterol, blood pressure and fasting blood sugar. In a study of these seven simple habits of 17,820 adults (aged 45- 98) only 2 met all seven criteria!

With the exemption of smoking all other risk factors are connected to “insulin resistance” the primary cause of ‘diabesity’, CAD and most other chronic disease.

As William Davis MD writes: –

“Millions of people have undergone CT heart scans that provide a heart scan or coronary calcium score. Unfortunately, people are then advised by doctors to take a statin drug, aspirin, a beta blocker or other combination of drugs that do NOT stop the 25-30% year-over-year rise in score. This eventually leads to heart attack or needing heart procedures like bypass surgery, angioplasty, or stent implantation, even death.

Doctors say that there is nothing you can do to stop this rise in heart scan score. What they are really saying is that there are no DRUGS or PROCEDURES that they can provide beyond the useless ones they prescribed. They did NOT tell you that there are a number of crucial non- drug and non-procedural ways to reduce your heart scan score and reduce, even eliminate, risk.”

The Program

As with all our programs they are done in 3 simple steps: –

Step 1 Measure

we see where you are on the Wellness-Illness continuum and calculate your Cardio-Metabolic Risk Score.

Step 2 Mentor

Eternity Medicine, our partner, believes that 100% of people with CAD have “insulin resistance.” Most cardiologists believe that 75% of the people they see for heart disease have diabetes or pre-diabetes (We believe the other 25% are just not properly diagnosed).

We are experts in reversing insulin resistance, often within one week. There are two master metabolic switches in the body AMPK and mTOR and we focus on those lifestyle factors that influence these switches to reverse your heart disease (and hypertension).

Avail Financing

Step 3 Monitor

Each client receives a free APP so they can track how your risk factors are improving with support from our physician and lifestyle coaches.

Reversing Heart Disease FAQs

Can you reverse plaque buildup in your arteries?

Plaque buildup in arteries is a leading cause of death. However, it is possible to reverse plaque buildup by reducing cholesterol and other risk factors. A Reversing Heart Disease Program helps reduce these risk factors and prevent plaque buildup.

Can you reverse cardiac disease?

According to doctors, there is no drug or procedure that can reverse heart diseases. However, there are several non-drug and non-procedural ways, like a Reversing Heart Disease Program, of reducing risk and eliminating cardiac diseases.

How do you reverse heart disease naturally?

Reversing heart diseases naturally is possible with the help of some lifestyle changes. A healthy diet, steady blood sugar level, reduced or no alcohol intake, managing stress levels, and staying active can help. Moreover, eating less junk food and more fiber-rich foods is also beneficial.

Can I make my heart healthy again?

A Reversing Heart Disease Program helps your heart to go back to being healthy. Make some positive changes in your lifestyle and see the results. A healthy diet, regular exercise, plenty of sleep, no smoking/alcohol, a healthy weight, steady blood sugar levels, and an overall positive attitude towards life can make a difference.

Can a damaged heart muscle repair itself?

Yes, if a heart muscle is damaged during a heart attack, it can repair itself by forming scar tissue. However, the process of healing can take up to several weeks. Moreover, it depends upon the extent of damage and the body's ability to heal.

How to get started

Call Euromed at 04 394 5422 and schedule an appointment. You are always welcome to have consultation with one of our physicians, who can explain the program to you. Or click on the button below to fill the form and we will contact you ASAP.