Having a baby completely changes your life, and this overwhelming new responsibility can mean that parents may miss certain red flags; this is why it is vital to schedule regular routine check-ups to ensure your baby’s health and well-being.

Routine check-ups monitor your baby’s development, including:

  • The baby’s measurements
  • Head-to-toe physical exam
  • The baby’s development
  • Vaccinations: we will ensure that your baby is up to date with all the vaccinations

At Euromed, we can also diagnose and treat a whole range of respiratory conditions, including infant respiratory distress syndrome, cystic lung disease and apnea of prematurity.

Why are check-ups important?

During the first few months of the baby’s birth, these appointments may be scheduled every few weeks but once the baby is slightly older, the frequency may change to every few months. This will allow our expert team to ensure that your baby is reaching important milestones at the correct stages and if not, allow early diagnosis of any particular growth or development problems.

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