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At Euromed clinic, we are devoted to ensuring a woman’s optimum health through the very best gynaecological services.

Most women dream about becoming a mother one day, and pregnancy should be seen as a beautiful, happy time. Sadly for some, conceiving a child is not as easy as they may have envisaged but with our advanced fertility treatments and the care and guidance of our obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr. Tahira Sadigova, we are dedicated to fulfilling the aspirations of childless couples.

The focus of Obstetric and Gynaecology department at Euromed clinic, Dubai is to care for the whole patient, with particular emphasis on the female reproductive system, including routine primary and preventive care, pregnancy and delivery, menopause, and medical or surgical management of all gynaecological problems. Dr. Tahira and her highly skilled team are committed to providing comprehensive gynaecological services for women, and offer complete comfort and care for our patients through services such as:

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What Our Patients Say

Thanks for the good service. I will visit the Clinic soon. Thank you very much. – Ayesha

We are very satisfied with Dr. Tahira treatment. She is very professional doctor. We trust her experience. – Gulara A.

Very professional, intelligent doctor. I’m happy to meet Dr. Tahira, most beautiful inside and out doctor. – Nargiz S.

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Dr Tahira Sadigova
As a child in Ajerbaijan, Dr Tahira dreamed of being a surgeon and for the past 31 years has been living her dream. Since arriving at Euromed Clinic in 2014, she has been in great demand and with her gentle manner and expert knowledge on all aspects of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Dubai, it is little wond er. Dr Tahira’s enjoys both ante and post-natal care, and takes great pride in helping women become pregnant and watching the special bond they have with their newborn. Dr Tahira has worked in many countries including Uzbekistan, Russia…
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