Euromed Clinic Center prides itself on ensuring that everyone is in the best possible health. This means that there are dedicated departments, including one for women’s health. Because of our expertise, we rank among the best gynecology clinics in Dubai. For many women, pregnancy is considered as the happiest and the most beautiful time of their whole lives. Unfortunately, for some women, conceiving a baby is not an easy task. However, with our advanced treatment procedures and guidance of our expert gynecologists, childless couples can achieve their dream of parenthood. Our Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic focuses on maintaining the female reproductive system healthy. This includes preventive and primary care, menopause, pregnancy, and delivery. Moreover, surgical and medical procedures for every kind of gynecological issue are also carried out.

How to know which treatment you need?

If you have any specific symptoms that make you concerned, you should consult your doctor immediately. However, if you only need a regular checkup or a particular treatment, our team of experts also offers screening tests. These tests will help determine if you are suffering from any health issues or not.

Preoperative Instructions

Preoperative instructions will be based on the tests that you need. These instructions may vary from person to person depending on their conditions. However, you need to follow these instructions to ensure that you get the best possible results. Here are some general instructions that you need to follow before visiting a gynecologist:

  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing when you visit your doctor to get an assessment.
  • Don’t put yourself under pressure or stress about the test.
  • Take any prescribed medicines regularly as instructed by your doctor.


Please note that the procedure for every test is different. However, generally, before the actual procedure, the doctor asks certain questions. Some commonly asked questions include your medical history, expected results, pressing complaints, and other relevant details. Moreover, you can also get briefed about the procedure by your doctor. When it comes to confidentiality, you do not need to be worried if you are seeking treatment from our reputable clinic.

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Postoperative Care

After undergoing the procedure, our doctor will guide you further. They will let you know whether you need another treatment or not. If you don’t require another procedure, then you may be given preventive measures. It is necessary to follow the guidelines provided by your doctor so you can reap the benefits. These guidelines may differ from one individual to another based on their individual cases.

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Why Should You Get Our Services?

We have expert board-certified doctors who are well aware of the latest procedures in the field of gynecology. Moreover, our surgeons are given special training to handle different kinds of cases. We focus on providing the best services by using advanced tools and cutting-edge technology.