Pap smears and cervical cancer screening is essential as it helps in prevention from the cervical cancer or any other related health issue. If the detection is performed in the initial stages then the chances of the prevention or cure increase.

What is Cervical Cancer & Pap Smears Screening?

The screening process includes the daily routine checkup, pap smear, and other related assessment tests. This process allows to monitor if something suspicious is going on. The cervix refers to the lower area of the uterus that opens into the vagina. The chances of the cure increases if the problem is diagnosed early. A pap test is highly significant in identifying this health issue in its early stage.


Following are the symptoms that help you in identifying if you have any disturbance in your health. Have a look at these symptoms. If you feel that you have any of these symptoms then you need to make an early visit to your gynecologist.

  • Unusual or discolored discharge before or after your menopause, pelvic exam, or having an intercourse
  • You need to go for urination frequently
  • The color, consistency, amount, or smell of the discharge is unusual
  • Pain during or after urination
  • Pelvic pain

What is a pap smear?

Pap smear refers to a screening test in which the cells of the cervix are scraped and assessed by using a microscope. Also, it has the capability to detect the cervical cells that may reveal if you have the cancerous disease or not. If you have then what is its stage. Usually, the test is conducted along with a pelvic exam. Also, the test ought to be repeated at least once in a year among the women of ages 21 to 65 years.

What’s Next?

Most of our patients have this question in their mind and they are scared of this test. They want to know what will happen if some dysfunctioning appears in their pap test. If some abnormal cells are growing in the pap smear then the results of the test are revealed as positive. However, getting positive results doesn’t always reveal that you are diagnosed with cervical cancer. Hence, some specific tests and assessments are required to get a final diagnosis. Here, you need to note that all of our doctors are highly expert and they know how to deal with every patient on the basis of his test results and further requirements.

These steps help to identify the kinds of cells in your test. For instance, your doctor may perform a biopsy or colposcopy to identify your problem. If the assessment identifies the abnormal functioning of the tissues, then a more definitive diagnosis is performed in order to evaluate the nature of exact results. On the basis, of these results, further steps would be taken.

Preoperative Care

It is essential to follow some specific preoperative instructions if you really want to get best outcomes from a procedure. Hence, in the case of pap smears and the screening test for cervical cancer, you may not require to follow any specific steps before the test. However, you may ask your surgeon in the intial consultation in this regard.

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You need to select your surgeon carefully so that he can perform the procedure in a well-mannered way. Only then, you will be able to get best results. However, for your pap smears and cervical cancer screening, our doctor will provide you some specific instructions or simply give you a brief regarding the procedure before performing it. The instructions depend specifically on the selected method.


Just like preoperative care and performing a procedure carefully, aftercare instructions are really essential to follow. It will help you in getting the best outcomes. After the procedure, our doctor will provide you some specific guidelines or you may ask it by yourself. Some of these guidelines may include;

  • Another test if required.
  • Time period of your next visit.
  • Prescribed medicine (if required).
  • Specific and planned diet (if required).

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Keep this fact in the mind that a prior consultation is recommended by the medical experts. Our expert doctors also recommend the same. Initial consultation is necessary as it paves a way to the future steps for both doctor and the patient. If you have any query then you may get the satisfactory answer in this session. Also, if you have any ambiguity regarding the procedure, you may clear it in this session. So, what are you waiting for? Be careful about your health specifically when it comes to your reproductive health or a specific case. Our board-certified doctors are always here to assist you. We care for our customers so we have made it easy for you to book a consultation with us. Simply fill the following form and one of our correspondents will get back to you. Go ahead and book your appointment now!

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