Are you worried due to infertility? Do you want to cure it? If yes, you are not alone as infertility is a common issue. According to an estimate, almost 11 percent of the reproductive age couples are suffering from infertility. Euromed Clinic is providing fertility treatment in Dubai by using advanced methods. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology that it is possible to get the infertility treatment in Dubai. Above 80% of the couples with infertility issues have got babies.

How to know you have infertility?

The infertility is revealed through physical examination. When you visit a doctor, he will examine you thoroughly, take your medical history, your life habits, your personal life, etc. Also, he may prescribe you some tests. These tests may include a blood test and ultrasound for the women and a sperm analysis for men. However, there is the possibility that the cause will remain unknown.

What Are the Different Types of Fertility Treatments?

Euromed is one of the best Fertility Clinic in Dubai and treatments are available if you are worried due to not conceiving a baby. Different treatment options are available for this purpose. You can choose an option with the suggestion of your doctor. Actually, the option that will suit you, depending on the main cause and other health conditions. Every person is different from the other, so the causes behind this problem and life habits are also different. Here, at Euromed Clinic, we examine you before providing any suggestion, as we do care for your individuality and provide you treatment options on the basis of your individual requirements.

Sometimes, it may happen that only one person from the couple needs treatment, while in some other cases, both partners need treatment. The selection of treatment depends on the results of tests. The treatment options may include;

  • For men – surgery, antibiotics, hormone treatment, medication, and counseling
  • For women – surgery, fertility drugs
  • For both men & women – Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT), IVF (in vitro fertilization), and IUI ((intrauterine insemination).

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How to Select the Right Option for You?

As you know the treatment options for your problem, however, you need to select the accurate option for you. Now, the question arises how to select the accurate option. The kind of treatment depends on your treatment history and a number of other factors. Hence, you need to ask your doctor in this regard as he can suggest you the best option. A number of treatment plans are available and you need to select one on the basis of the suggestion of your doctor.

Before Treatment

You need to follow some specific preoperative instructions whether you are going for a test or treatment plan. Our doctor will let you know the instructions that you need to follow. It is important for you to follow them if you want to get the best results.

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The procedure depends on the selected test or the treatment option. Our doctors will brief the procedure before its implementation. Hence, you don’t need to be worried about anything when you choose us to get your treatment. All of our doctors are board-certified and highly expert to provide their services. Till now, all of our patients are satisfied with the treatment.


Just getting a procedure isn’t enough, but you need to follow aftercare instructions properly to get best possible results. You will get these instructions from our doctor after the procedure. These instructions will be provided on the basis of the procedure that you have got and your health condition.

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Benefits Of Getting Fertility & Infertility Treatment

You can get following benefits through this treatment.

  • The main benefit is to overcome infertility.
  • A real hope for couples.
  • You can select the healthiest embryos.
  • The procedure comes with highest success rate.

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If you are not conceiving a baby and facing difficulty in this procedure, then you should contact a qualified fertility specialist. It is not an easy task to provide such treatment and not everyone can be certified for this procedure. In fact, the reproductive procedure is very difficult and our specialists have spent years of effort to get advanced training in this field. They are working hard to provide you best treatment with comfort. Proper fertility tests can assist in determining the main cause. After that, a better treatment plan is provided to cure that issue. Till now, the success rate of this treatment is quite high among our patients. What are you waiting for if you are also waiting to get pregnant? Go ahead, fill the form, and avail our consultation services.

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