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Genital Warts Treatment

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Genital warts are the most common kind of the disease that is sexually transmitted. This disease is located in the group of (STIs). According to an estimate, almost every person, who is sexually active, is affected by one of the infections of HPV. The genital warts impact every person at some point in the life. This infectious disease isn’t limited to only men or women. In fact, women are more prone to get affected by this disease as compared to men. As just revealed by the name, the moist tissues of the genital area are affected by genital warts. It may look like a cauliflower or just a flesh colored bump. The occasion occurs when the warts are too small even a human eye cannot observe them.

What are the symptoms?

It is necessary to know the symptoms so that you can keep yourself safe from this infectious disease. The main symptoms are to get swelling or bumps in the specific area. Also, you may feel discomfort and itching, & bleed during intercourse. There is the possibility that they may occur in bigger clusters as they are not noticeable sometimes. The doctors may apply a specific acid (a mild acetic acid solution) on the affected area to make warts visible.

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Screening Tests

A well-known proverb ‘care is better than cure’ reveals the significance of preventive measures. Screening tests always do wonders in knowing if you require a treatment plan or not. It is recommended to get the screening tests even if you don’t get any symptoms. On the other hand, it becomes a MUST if you have noticed one or more symptoms. In such situation, you need to consult your doctor on an immediate basis.

Following are some of the tests that our doctor may administer to check the capability of genital warts in you.

  • For Women

First of all, your medical history will be taken by our doctor. After that, you will ask to go through a gynecological exam that normally includes a Pap test. The purpose of this test is to check the availability of abnormal cells on the cervix. You may get the indication or diagnosis of having an HPV infection even if you don’t have noticeable warts.

If you are a woman more than 30 years then you may get a test for HPV along with a Pap test. The purpose of this test is to check the DNA and getting the genetic information of the virus. Normally, our doctors recommend you to get the HPV test only if you have some abnormality in Pap test. Also, if your doctor gets to know that you have some issue in your cervix then he may suggest you the proper treatment.

  • For Men

First of all, your medical history will be taken by our expert doctor. After that, the physical examination is recommended. However, in the case of men, our doctors don’t recommend screening test to know the intensity of HPV infection in men.


No special preparation is required before performing the tests. However, your doctor may let you know in this regard. Further, you should analyze your problem, collect important information, and may form a list of questions that you need to ask your doctor.


The procedure may be different according to every test. If you are a woman then the procedure may be different as it is already discussed that screening tests are different for both men and women. Our doctor will give you a brief regarding the procedure before initiating it.


After getting the screening test, you need to get their results. The aftercare depends on the results of the tests. If you are diagnosed with a problem, then the aftercare will be different. In such situation, you will get prescription of some medicines and other instructions that you need to follow in order to treat your problem. However, a follow-up is always recommended.

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Unfortunately, if you are diagnosed with the problem or you have severe pain then our doctors will recommend you the effective treatment plan. Following are some of the important types of treatment. The treatment plan is selected on the basis of the severity of your problem as well as your desired results.

  • Medications – Usually, the medicines are directly applied to the infected area. These medicines may include Trichloroacetic acid & imiquimod.
  • Surgery– If you are pregnant and also having warts but these warts aren’t responding to the medication, then you may go for the surgical procedure. These options may include laser treatments, surgical excision, Electrocautery (the warts are burnt out by utilizing electrical current), or Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen is used to freeze warts).

Note: Please note that if you are making use of the wart removers then you shouldn’t go for this. Such treatment may cause irritation or more pain.

Genital Warts Treatment

How do you get rid of genital warts fast?

Podofilox, a plant-based cream is used to get rid of external warts. Laser surgery is used to destroy large internal and external warts or hard to access warts.

Are genital warts curable?

Yes, genital warts are curable. You can either use Podofilox cream for destruction and prevention from external warts, or you can opt for Laser surgery to get rid of internal and external warts.

How Long Do Genital Warts Last?

According to the stats provided by World Health Organization, around 90% of genital warts that are caused by HPV infections clear in about 2 years. However, certain factors can make these warts stay longer than that.

How do you stop genital warts from spreading on yourself?

To prevent genital warts from spreading you should keep your genital area dry, don’t scratch the area with warts, avoid having sex and intercourse until you get rid of all the warts.

What makes genital warts worse?

Shaving and waxing your pubic hair can make genital warts worse. This is because these hair removal procedures can cause small cuts and also irritate your skin, which may lead to a more widespread infection.

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What are you waiting for when you have such an interesting opportunity in front of you??? Here, at Euromed, we have highly experienced and board-certified doctors, who are always here to serve you. These are the infections that you shouldn’t ignore. A proper screening is required so that you can get timely treatment if you have any issue. You shouldn’t delay in getting genital warts removal Treatment if you are diagnosed with the problem. Go ahead, fill the form, and get your appointment now!

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