The appearance of the outer genitalia in females is important and any flaw can result in frustration and negatively impact self-confidence. The clitoral hood often has different aesthetic issues. To improve the appearance of the clitoral hood, surgeons can perform a treatment called hoodoplasty in Dubai. This page discusses how hoodoplasty can fix a number of flaws and improve the appearance of the whole area significantly.
If you want to improve the area around the clitoris, this topic is for you.


Childbirth, genetics, trauma, or wounds often cause changes the shape of the clitoral hood which may lead to frustration and embarrassment. It can impact the lifestyle in several ways; hindering the ability to wear tight clothes, experience full sexual satisfaction, and have a positive body image.

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To transform the fold of the skin surrounding the clitoris in female genitalia, our plastic surgeons perform hoodoplasty. Clitoral hoodectomy is a procedure in which the aesthetic appearance of the female vulva is improved through the surgery. Continue reading to know details about this procedure.


A variety of benefits are available to those who have this simple and safe surgery. This includes:

  • An improvement in body image and self-esteem
  • A transformation of the female genitalia by improving clitoral hood
  • Increased enjoyment of intimate moments without any fear or embarrassment


To qualify as a good candidate for hoodoplasty procedure, the person must fulfill the following criteria. This treatment is for those who want:

  • To achieve maximum sexual pleasure
  • To wear tight clothes such as skinny jeans
  • To improve the appearance of the clitoral hood
  • To avoid embarrassment during intimate moments

Side Effects

Like all other surgical treatments, some side effects exist here. The procedure can cause minor and temporary side effects. Major side effects and risks can be avoided by choosing a reputed plastic surgeon for hoodoplasty treatment.


A seasoned plastic surgeon performs this surgical procedure under local anesthesia. The shape and size of the clitoral hood are adjusted by the surgeon. This surgery is often performed with another treatment if adjoining areas also need some adjustments. For example, some people require hoodoplasty treatment at the time of labial reduction.

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The cost of hoodectomy fluctuates significantly due to individual requirements.
Cost Factors: The following factors normally define how much you will have to pay for this procedure.

  • Treatment goals and requirements
  • The geographic location of the provider
  • Reputation and expertise of the surgeon
  • Other charges: e.g. medical tests and anesthesia fee.

Insurance: Most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic treatments such as hoodoplasty. But we offer a financing facility allows you to take this life-changing procedure and pay for it in easy monthly installments. Contact us now to know the requirements.
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Hoodoplasty FAQ’s

what is hoodoplasty?

Hoodoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to alter the fold of skin that surrounds or covers the clitoris. The procedure also enhances the appearance of the female vulva.

How painful is Hoodoplasty?

This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and is almost pain-free. Yet, you might feel some discomfort in a few days after surgery.

what are the side effects of Hoodoplasty?

There are minor side-effects of hoodoplasty that include scarring and uterine retention. In worst-case scenarios, hoodoplasty can also lead to nerve damage.

Is Hoodoplasty safe?

Hoodoplasty is generally a safe procedure with some mild side effects. You can also avoid severe complications by choosing a reputed plastic surgeon.

What is the average cost of Hoodoplasty?

The cost of hoodoplasty depends upon factors such as treatment goals, location, and expertise of the practitioner. However, the average cost is around $12,000.
This is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

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