Normal bleeding during the periods is not a matter of concern but one should try to know the reasons for abnormal bleeding. Different tests are available to diagnose and treat conditions causing abnormal bleeding. The hysteroscopy can be used to detect what causes abnormal uterus bleeding. Here is what hysteroscopy in Dubai is like. Please continue reading to learn more about it.

What is a Hysteroscopy?

Women experience bleeding from the vagina during periods. If there is abnormal bleeding, doctors use hysteroscopy to see inside the uterus. For abnormal bleeding, this test plays an important role in diagnosis and treatment. A hysteroscope, which is a thin and lighted tube, is used to perform this analysis.

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Actually, it is inserted into the vagina to check if there is any problem with the uterus and cervix. This test can be of two types: diagnostic hysteroscopy and operative hysteroscopy. The person undergoing this treatment/test does not feel any pain due to local or general anesthesia. See below for the details:

Understanding Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

The problem with the uterus can be diagnosed using this type of hysteroscopy. The results of tests such as hysterosalpingography (HSG) can also be validated using diagnostic hysteroscopy. Actually, HSG is an X-ray dye test that helps in checking the fallopian tubes and uterus. The diagnostic hysteroscopy is normally an in-office treatment.

Laparoscopy or similar procedures can be combined with this technique. Moreover, it can also be performed before dilation and curettage (D&C) and similar procedures. An endoscope is inserted into the abdomen during laparoscopy which helps the doctor view the uterus from the outside, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

Understanding Operative Hysteroscopy

To fix an abdominal condition detected during a diagnostic hysteroscopy, an operative hysteroscopy is mostly used. The operative hysteroscopy can be performed right after the diagnostic hysteroscopy if an abnormal condition gets detected. This way, the person does not need to undergo a second surgery. The doctor needs to insert small instruments to fix the detected problem. These small instruments can be inserted through the hysteroscope.

When to Have Operative Hysteroscopy?

The uterus can suffer from different conditions. Notable conditions are outlined below:

  • Polyps and fibroids: Polyps and fibroids are cancerous growths in the uterus that can be removed using hysteroscopy.
  • Adhesions: The scar tissues formation due to uterine adhesions or Asherman’s Syndrome can change the menstrual flow often leading to infertility. This issue can be located and cured using hysteroscopy.
  • Septums: The presence of septums (a congenital malformation of the uterus) can be confirmed through hysteroscopy.
  • Abnormal bleeding: As discussed above, the causes of abnormal uterus bleeding can be identified using hysteroscopy. It is also possible to know the reasons for bleeding after menopause and bleeding between periods using hysteroscopy Dubai. Special instruments are used to remove the uterine lining to cure heavy bleeding.

Right Time for Hysteroscopy

The doctor will decide the right time for hysteroscopy. Depending upon the suitable time for the patient, the doctor may ask to take hysteroscopy one week after the menstrual period. The time matters because the doctor will be able to view the uterus clearly once the periods end. This test can be performed to ascertain the reasons for spotting and bleeding in postmenopausal women.

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Candidates for Hysteroscopy

Though this test is often recommended to the females experiencing abnormal uterus bleeding, it is not a suitable choice for some women. One of our qualified and experienced doctors can guide the patient about whether she is suited to this treatment, outlining the alternative tests that are available, if necessary.

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Hysteroscopy FAQ’s

Is a hysteroscopy painful?

The procedure should not be painful, but you might feel some discomfort. However, your doctor can use a seductive before starting the procedure. This way you don’t experience any cramping during hysteroscopy.

What is the recovery time for a hysteroscopy?

The usual recovery time for women who do not undergo any treatment during hysteroscopy is one day. However, if a woman had a treatment during hysteroscopy, it may take a few days to fully recover.

What can I expect after a hysteroscopy?

You may feel cramping and light bleeding from the vagina for a few days, and this can take several weeks in some cases. However, if hysteroscopy is used for any treatment, these effects can last longer. You may also experience some pain in your right shoulder that may last for a few hours after hysteroscopy.

Why do I need a hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy can be used to investigate the root cause of many problems that include abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding, heavy periods, repetitive miscarriages, not getting pregnant, pelvic pain, and postmenopausal bleeding. It can also be used for fibroids removal.

What are they looking for in a hysteroscopy?

During hysteroscopy, doctors look inside the uterus. They try to find the cause of multiple miss carriages, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and growths, which can cause fibroids or polyps.

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