All parts of the body are important but we pay more attention to certain areas as they affect the quality of our life. This includes the genital area. Any problem in this area can cause frustration and have severe consequences. Radio frequency treatment can be performed to lift the labia majora area. This page discusses how labia majora can be lifted by radio frequency treatment. Continue reading to know the benefits, side effects, procedure, cost, aftercare, and more about it.


Some sagging or looseness can occur in labia majora due to pregnancy, aging, and hormonal changes. Oftentimes, it has too much skin or too little volume. No matter what the reason for labia majora laxity is, a plastic surgeon can use a treatment to tighten and lift it.


Surgical and non-surgical options are available to fix this issue. One of the safest and most effective options is radio frequency treatment to lift labia majora. It is not expensive and results are guaranteed if you choose the right surgeon. Continue reading to know how it benefits women with different problems.


The people who undergo this simple procedure describe the following benefits:

  • This technique is safe, simple, effective, and short.
  • The patient will feel much better and live a better life.
  • The intimate life of the patient will improve dramatically.
  • This option does not harm the genital area; rather it rejuvenates properly.
  • The patient will not suffer from major side effects and there are no risks.


Any woman who wants to rejuvenate labia majora can be a good candidate but in particular you are suited to this treatment if:

  • Your labia major is sagging or handing down
  • You want to tighten/lift the labia majora area
  • You want to make corrections to labia majora
  • You have realistic expectations with the treatment outcomes

Side Effects

As with other cosmetic treatments, this procedure is likely to cause minor and temporary side effects. But for most patients there is no downtime after having it; the patient will be able to continue daily life.

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This technique is different than a laser skin treatment but the method to perform is similar to that of different laser treatments.

Pre-Op Care and Aftercare

No much care is required before and after having radio frequency for labia majora.


This radio frequency treatment is not expensive and the price varies from patient to patient. Let’s discuss the factors that define how much a person has to pay to take it.

Cost Factors: The following variable factors define how much a person has to pay for it.

  • Professional’s free
  • Location of the provider
  • Individual’s requirements
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Insurance: This procedure is considered as a cosmetic treatment and that is why most insurance companies do not cover it If you have a medical insurance plan, you should discuss with them about their policy.  

Financing: If your insurance company does not cover it and you are not able to pay the price, you may qualify for an interest-free loan. This way, you will be able to pay back in easy monthly installments.

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If you are troubled by a cosmetic or functional issue with your labia majora, you might be a good candidate of our latest radio frequency treatment for labia majora.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure? How much do I need to pay for this treatment? Get in touch anytime to know if the treatment is for you!

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You have read how a short, safe, and simple radio frequency treatment can transform labia majora and other areas of the female genitalia. Why not consider it if you are experiencing laxity or sagginess of your intimate area?!

Feel free to contact us anytime to get more details to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon, you can call our number or fill our online form.

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