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The vagina can loosen due to different reasons, such as sexual activities and childbirth. However, there is a way to tighten the vagina to restore its previous tautness. For a woman suffering from vaginal laxity, a safe and effective laser vaginal tightening can tighten the vagina without causing health risks.

Laser vaginal tightening is considered a form of vaginal rejuvenation. However, it is different than having vaginoplasty surgery due to the involvement of lasers.

What is Laser Vaginal Tightening?

Laser vaginal tightening in Dubai is a non-invasive procedure that corrects vaginal laxity with the help of lasers. It helps you in restoring the younger tone and diameter of the vagina. Moreover, it also removes vulva pigmentation and minimizes vaginal atrophy. You will not experience severe pain or discomfort during this treatment.

Who Can Take Laser Vaginal Tightening?

The ideal candidates for laser vaginal tightening are the women who have:

  • Wide or loose vagina.
  • Bowel movement issues.
  • An enlarged vaginal opening.
  • Scar tissues at the vaginal opening/perineum.

How does it Work?

In a typical laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment, the specialist passes the laser wand over the labia and vulva. After that, the wand is inserted into the vagina to target internal tissues to stimulate collagen production. The process does not take long to finish. As a result, you get a tight vagina with a greater sense of satisfaction.

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You will feel soreness, swelling, and slight discomfort after getting a vaginal tightening procedure. However, all these conditions will subside within 24 hours post-treatment. Also, you can resume your daily life activities soon after the procedure.


Some common post-op instructions for laser vaginal tightening Dubai are as follows;

  • Apply ice packs to reduce the discomfort.
  • Take the prescribed painkillers only.
  • No strenuous exercises are allowed for a few days.
  • Avoid sexual activities for 5 to 7 seven days.


Laser vaginal tightening in Dubai offers the following benefits:

  • It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment.
  • It improves the appearance of the vagina and tightens it.
  • It involves fewer health risks.
  • The technique delivers promising results in a short time.
  • There is minimal pain involved and no risk of bleeding.


Laser vaginal tightening offers quick results, but final results appear after three months. The women who have tried this technique have reported significant improvement in just one session. Depending on the treatment goals and condition of the vagina, a person may have to take more than one session.

Get The Cost

Laser Vaginal Tightening Cost in Dubai

It is not possible to mention the exact cost of laser vaginal tightening because it is different for different people. At the Euromed Clinic Center, the average price of laser vaginal tightening starts from AED 2500. Please consult with our laser experts to know the exact cost structure in your case.

Laser Vaginal Tightening FAQs

Is there any pain or discomfort?

Minimal pain or discomfort is involved in the procedure.

How long do the results last?

The results of laser vaginal tightening are not permanent as they last for up to 18 months. After that, the results might start diminishing. You can maintain the results by undergoing maintenance sessions 12 months after the first treatment.

Is there any downtime?

Since laser vaginal tightening is a non-surgical procedure, so there is no downtime. However, you need to avoid sexual intercourse for at least five days.

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