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The upper part of the hair-bearing part of the intimate area or the women’s pubic area is also commonly known as the mons pubis. The mons pubis can become enlarged and saggy due to aging, multiple childbirths, or excess weight gain. It’s a common condition that many women struggle with. Monsplasty in Dubai is a surgical procedure that can help with this issue.

This bulging area can be a constant bother and cause women to feel embarrassed. It can even interfere with everyday bodily functions such as urination and sexual relations.

What is Monsplasty?

Monsplasty is a surgical procedure that can be done to lift and reduce the fatty appearance or the bulge of the mons pubis.

Patients opt for this surgical procedure because exercise and diet are mostly ineffective against this kind of fat. This procedure involves the removal of the fatty tissues and-or excess skin tissues to reduce the bulge of the skin.

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Candidacy Criteria

Any woman who is embarrassed about the shape, size, or appearance of her mons pubis area can undergo this surgical procedure. However, the patient undergoing this procedure should be an adult, generally healthy, and have realistic expectations regarding the procedure.

Why You Need Monsplasty?

The following are reasons why women do this procedure:

  • If you have a separate focal overhanging mons pubic area
  • You feel uneasy during sexual activity
  • The bulging mons pubis area is visible through bathing suits and tight clothing
  • Age-related changes to the pubic area are embarrassing
  • You are unable to lose the excess fat through diet or exercise
  • No medication, diet, or workout can tighten the loose and saggy skin

Pre-Procedure Care

The patient should provide the surgeon with her medical history and should also inform of any medication she is currently taking.

  • Avoid taking any blood-thinning medications at least two weeks before the treatment
  • Avoid smoking 3-4 weeks before the treatment
  • Stop drinking alcohol 2-3 days before the procedure
  • The patient should not use any thyroid medication on the day of surgery

Monsplasty Surgery Procedure

Here is the step by step guide of the Monsplasty procedure:

Local or general anesthesia is administered before the procedure to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

Step 1: The Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon makes horizontal incisions at the upper edge of the pubic region (just below the navel region).

Step 2: The underlying muscles are lifted, excess fat tissue is removed and the pubic area is made firm.

Step 3: The incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches. The stitches are made in such a way that the pubic skin is raised.

If needed, the pubic lift surgery can also be combined with a liposuction procedure to remove the excess fat.

Pain medication is also given to the patient following the procedure to manage any discomfort.

Recovering from the Pubic Lift Surgery

Monsplasty is a common cosmetic procedure and with years of advancements in the technique, the recovery phase is fairly quick and easy. Most patients only require the pain medication for about 3-4 days and resume normal activities in 5-6 days. The following factors should be strictly adhered to during recovery:

  • Avoid excessive movement of the treated area
  • Do not do any strenuous exercise for 4-5 weeks after the procedure
  • Use a compression garment to control the swelling and speed up recovery

Benefits of Monsplasty Surgery

Some of the benefits of pubic lift surgery include:

  • Enhance sensation and gratification by reducing the bulging mound and saggy skin
  • Lifts and tightens the mons pubis area to enhance the appearance and other functions
  • Helps to restore normal urinary functions
  • Eliminate and remove the sagging skin
  • This surgery can be done in combination with a tummy tuck and vaginoplasty for the complete transformation of the pubic area.

Get The Cost

Cost of Monsplasty Surgery in Dubai

The average cost of this surgery is around 1000 AED to 25000 AED, however, the exact price of mentoplasty depends upon many factors which include:

  • The surgeon’s expertise
  • The extent of treatment
  • The patient’s expectations
  • Location of the patient and the clinic

Visit Euromed Clinic or fill in the online form to know the exact cost of this surgical procedure.

Risks and Side Effects of Monsplasty

The risks associated with this procedure are similar to other modern surgical procedures. Side effects for monsplasty include bleeding, infection, scarring, and hematoma.

At Euromed Clinic we have skilled and expert surgeons who will go to great lengths to avoid the risks and side effects of any procedure. Decades of professional expertise also allow our surgeons to carry out this procedure in such a way that the benefits easily out-weights the risks.

Results of Pubic Lift Surgery

Results are not visible immediately after the surgery due to the swelling. Results are only visible 3-4 weeks following the procedure. The swelling goes down gradually and the patient can see complete results after 6 months.

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Here at Euromed Clinic Center Dubai, we have a team of expert surgeons with decades of experience in monsplasty. You can get the best monsplasty treatment at our clinic by either filling in the online form or by visiting our clinic in person.


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