For a smooth and secure delivery, it is necessary to find a clinic that has all the necessary facilities. Euromed Clinic Center Dubai offers all necessary means in this regard. You may be looking for a facility for normal and instrumental deliveries if you or your spouse is pregnant. Here is everything you need to know about both types of deliveries.

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Choice of Baby Delivery

For women, having a child is a remarkable adventure. It is a blessing and fulfilling experience that can also involve complications. Due to this reason, pregnant women should take great care and keep visiting a gynecologist to understand how a pregnancy is progressing. Even the whole pregnancy journey has been easy, the delivery phase still poses certain risks.

Couples who want to have a baby have to make different important decisions before the baby delivery. One of the most important decisions a gynecologist has to take is to choose the right method for baby delivery. In some cases, it is alright to go for normal delivery; whereas, the instrumental delivery is required in some cases.

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Normal Baby Delivery

The child development takes place in the uterus which located above the vagina and below the abdomen area. That is why the normal way to deliver a baby is to deliver through the vagina. The normal delivery of a baby is generally divided into three stages of labor enlisted below:

  • Shortening and dilation of the cervix
  • Descent and birth of the infant
  • Birth of the placenta
  1. Stage One: It is not usually intense but it is the longest one. The frequent contractions will start during this stage that makes the cervix dilated by 3 to 4 centimeter. As this stage progresses, the cervix dilates from 4 to 7 centimeters. After that, the cervix will further dilate and the mother will feel much pain.
  2. Stage Two: When the cervix is completely open, this stage starts. It is time for the baby to come out. At the start of this stage, the doctor will ask the patient to push the baby which will make the baby propel through the birth canal. As a result, the baby will come out slowly.
  3. Stage Three: Placenta is the organ that nourishes the baby inside the womb. After the baby comes out, the delivery of placenta takes place in stage three. The process concludes with the delivery of the placenta.

Instrumental Baby Delivery

It is a type of delivery where different instruments are used to make delivery easy. It is also known as assisted, forceps, or vacuum delivery. Actually, a ventouse suction cup or forceps are used to assist the woman in delivering the baby.

It is completely safe to use this method of delivery. However, there are risks as well and complications can take place in some cases. This technique is occasionally used when normal delivery does not seem fine. It is not often recommended to the women who have been through a spontaneous vaginal birth before.

The procedure to deliver a baby through an instrumental delivery method is not complex. The obstetrician, gynecologist, or midwife of the patient will discuss it in detail before the delivery. The professionals will also explain what instrument will be used.

The consent of the patient will also be obtained before performing it. The doctor may need to opt for this option if the following criteria apply:

  • The mother has a health concern
  • The heartbeat of the baby indicates a problem
  • The mother is pushing but the labor is not progressing

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Normal/Instrumental Delivery in Dubai

Whatever choice you make when it comes to the birth of your child, the expert team at Euromed Clinic Center Dubai have got you covered. Our gynecologists are well versed with all methods of delivery. We can make it easy for you to have a baby safely and easily. You may have questions for us; please feel free to contact us.

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If you are your spouse is pregnant, choose Euromed Clinic Center Dubai for normal and instrumental delivery. Our experts will safely and carefully handle your case. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.

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