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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment in Dubai

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) refers to an infection that damages the reproductive organ in the women. The pelvis is included in the lower abdomen that involves the Fallopian tubes, the uterus, the cervix, and the ovaries. The infectious disease is common in women, as according to the report of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it affects almost 1 million women in every year. Here, at Euromed, we are providing screening assistance for PID so that you can get rid of the problem in the start.

Various kinds of the bacteria may cause PID that include the same bacteria that is responsible for causing chlamydia and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). What usually occurs due to the effect of bacteria is that it enters in the vagina in the first step and cause an infection. After that, the infection may move into the pelvic organs with the passage of time. You shouldn’t ignore this disease as it is dangerous to the extent that it can be life-threatening for the sufferer. This disease can prove fatal for you if it spreads into your blood. If you have any noticeable symptom then you need to contact your doctor on an immediate basis.

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There is the possibility that you don’t have the onset of any symptom, however, if you have symptoms, they can be following.

Also, this disease may cause moderate or mild pain. Hence, some of you may have severe symptoms and the pain. For example;

If you face such symptoms with increased severity then you need to let your doctor know on an immediate basis. Even you may visit the emergency room. There is the possibility that the infection has made its place towards your blood and other areas of the body. In this way, it can be life-threatening for you. So, you should get the assistance of your doctor without any delay.

Screening & Diagnosis

The screening is necessary so that you can be safe from a fatal or dangerous disease. Various steps are included in the process of screening. Have a look!

  • Medical History – First of all, our doctor will get your medical history and know the presenting complaints.
  • Physical Exam – After that, the physical exam will be performed that is named as a pelvic
  • Lab Tests– You may require getting some lab tests. These tests may include a pregnancy test, blood test, and urine test.
  • Imaging Tests – These tests include Laparoscopy, MRI or CT scan, and Pelvic or transvaginal ultrasound.

It is necessary to get the screening process so that you can be safe from any kind of the issue. In case, if you have any problem then it can be diagnosed at the start so that you can get the treatment before getting it worse. Further tests can be prescribed to you if your doctor comes to know that you may have the disease.

Before Tests

You don’t need to follow any specific criteria before getting the assessment tests. However, if there will be such requirement then our experienced doctors will let you know before the administration of tests. Actually, it depends on the tests that you need to get to find the diagnosis.


Our doctor will brief the procedure of the tests on the basis of prescribed tests. you may get this brief in your initial consultation or before getting the test. Also, there is the possibility that you don’t get brief if there will not be such requirement.

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Aftercare is very necessary. It may include the use of prescribed medications if you will be diagnosed with the problem, more tests that can be required, and also prevention methods. If you will not be diagnosed with any health issue, then our experts will let you know the preventive ways that can prevent you from this disease in the future. On the other hand, if you will be diagnosed with an infection then medication and health care are suggested on the basis of the severity of the problem.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) FAQ’s

What causes pelvic inflammatory disease PID?

Most of the times PID is caused by a bacterial infection. Many types of bacteria can cause PID. Mostly the PID has some direct link with sexually transmitted infection (STI). Unprotected sex can also lead to PID.

What does PID pain feel like?

PID pain ranges from mild to severe. Pelvic pain feels like cramping or a heaviness in the pelvic area and abdomen. It may be so mild that you won't even notice it or so severe that won't even allow you to stand properly.

Can you have a pelvic infection without having an STD?

Yes, it is possible to have pelvic infection without having any sexually transmitted disease (STD). Infections other than STD can also cause PID.

Can PID go away on its own?

Yes, in most cases PID does not even show any symptoms and goes away on its own. In some cases PID resolves very quickly.

Will PID show up in urine test?

Urine test cannot stand alone for the detection of Pelvic Infection Disease (PID). However, a urine test along with some other tests can be helpful to detect the signs of infection.

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