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Loss of muscle tone, skin elasticity, and contours affect the function and appearance of the entire body, including the Vagina. In fact, the Vagina is more likely to get affected by aging, pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal fluctuations. These developments can lead to an enlarged vaginal canal, hanging skin around the opening leading to painful tugging, and reduced sensation during intercourse.

Fortunately, you can address these problems with Vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure to restore the youthful appearance and function of the female private area.

What is Vaginoplasty? 

Vaginoplasty, or vaginal plastic surgery, is a female genital cosmetic treatment aimed at improving the appearance and function of the Vagina and surrounding tissues. During this highly individualized treatment, your surgeon may treat one or more areas of the Vagina.

Vaginoplasty is a viable solution to several intimate problems, such as weak vaginal muscles and the issues that cause discomfort in the vaginal opening or canal. In some instances, the surgeon may combine Vaginoplasty with labiaplasty – a procedure to remove excess skin folds around the vaginal opening.

Who qualifies for Vaginoplasty? 

Any woman whose vaginal region has been altered or damaged due to body changes or medical reasons qualifies for Vaginoplasty. Factors that make you a candidate for Vaginoplasty are: 

  • The contours of genital structures have become inelastic or stretched out.
  • You have soreness or vaginal pain during sexual intercourse or exercise.
  • The sensation has diminished after childbirth.
  • You have the desire to improve the Genital organ function. 
  • Cancer patients who have undergone extensive surgery or radiation treatment for Vagina
  • Women who had vaginal prolapse
  • Women who have physical trauma to the vaginal region due to an accident or injury
  • Women with congenital disabilities that affect the vaginal region

Benefits of Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty offers many key benefits, and one of the most apparent benefits is vaginal reconstruction and tightening. 

Other significant benefits of this treatment are as follows: 

  • It improves the symptoms of vaginal atrophy (A medical condition when the vaginal walls become dry).
  • Vaginoplasty reduces vaginal dryness and improves lubrication.
  • It reduces the number of recurrent infections.
  • It increases sexual pleasure.

How do you prepare for Vaginoplasty?

Preparing before the surgery helps you recover quickly. So when you have a consultation session with the surgeon before surgery, ask about the ambiguities in your mind. You may ask about the appearance of the Vagina or the change in sensation after surgery.

Moreover, the surgeons will ask you about your medical wellness to assess if you are in good health to undergo Vaginoplasty. They will also monitor your body mass index (BMI). If you are overweight, a consultant will give instructions to help you achieve the ideal body weight. 

Standard instructions to prepare for Vaginoplasty are as follows: 

  • Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Give up on tobacco and nicotine products for some time
  • Prepare yourself emotionally for surgery
  • Prevent certain medications, such as opioids, and acetaminophen
  • Try not to shave the genital area 10 days before the treatment so that the procedure can be performed efficiently.
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day of your Vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty Procedure

Vaginoplasty is typically performed in three steps, each of which is discussed below to help you understand how the procedure takes place. 

Step 1: In the first step, the surgeon will mark a pie shape wedge on the areas where the extra skin is to be removed. 

Step 2: The tissues beneath the skin and the vaginal canal are tightened in the second step of Vaginoplasty. This step also includes suturing of muscles. 

Step 3: Once the vaginal canal is tightened, mucosal skin is tightened, and the additional external skin is removed to improve aesthetics. 

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How long does Vagina Surgery take to recover? 

You can return to work four to six weeks after surgery. Recovery from Vaginoplasty depends on your body and the procedure that has been performed.

For instance, it takes six weeks to recover from the full-depth procedure. If you have undergone shallow-depth Vaginoplasty, you may recover from it within the first four weeks. 

It may take up to 12 months for your body to fully adjust to the changes made during treatment.

Factors that dictate the recovery duration are: 

  • The extent of tissue repair or treatment performed during Vaginoplasty
  • The extent to which you follow post-op instructions. Some of the post-op instructions include restraining from certain activities, adhering to vaginal dilation, and carefully following hygiene protocols.

Once you have undergone Vaginoplasty, you must take care of it for the rest of your life. During the early days of Vaginoplasty, you must dilate your Vagina to keep its opening from becoming too small. 

After surgery, do not rush into physical intimacy and wait for at least six weeks to completely recover. Avoid driving and engaging in physical activities such as horse riding and cycling. 

After the surgery, it will take some time for the vaginal sensation to return, which is not a cause for concern. Sensations usually return after six weeks. If they don’t, visit your consultant to rule out complications. 

How much does it cost to get a vaginoplasty?

The starting cost of Vaginoplasty in Dubai is 18000 AED. The exact price of the treatment may vary from person to person, depending on specific factors, for example:

  • The extent of tissue modifications required
  • The surgeon’s expertise
  • The location and facilities of the clinic
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How long does vaginoplasty surgery take to heal?

It usually takes 8-12 months to recover from the Vaginoplasty completely.

At what age can you get a vaginoplasty?

You need to be at least 18 years old for Vaginoplasty. However, Gynecologists do not usually recommend Vaginoplasty as the first step. They may prescribe other methods to resolve the problem without surgery.

Can you get pregnant after a vaginoplasty?

Yes, you can get pregnant after Vaginoplasty. The procedure doesn’t affect your ability to become pregnant. However, childbirth may lead to vaginal looseness, necessitating a revision procedure.

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