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Whatever makes you happy and smile the moment might lack joy if you have uneven teeth or an asymmetrical smile. The Metal and Ceramic  Dental Braces in Dubai are perfect solution for this problem. Continue reading to know the cost, benefits, results, side effects, procedure, and more.

What are Metal and Ceramic Braces?

With all of the amazing technological advances in the field of orthodontics in recent years there is no better time to find your perfect smile! One of the most common orthodontic treatments is the application of Fixed Braces, a process that involves the gradual correction of misaligned teeth through the continual wearing of braces. There is a large amount of choice when it comes to teeth correction with braces.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces are by far the most common and well-known form of orthodontic treatment. The brace is formed of shaped pieces of metal brackets that are attached to each individual tooth, before a connecting archwire is then bent to reflect your desired bite and threaded through each bracket. As the wire moves to return to its original form, this gentle pressure gradually moves your teeth into the preferred position.

And if you are put off by the traditional image of a ‘mouth full of metal’, don’t be! Modern Metal Braces in Dubai are far less intrusive and painful, as the metal brackets are smaller with heat-activated archwire that uses the body’s heat to quicken results and lessen the pain.

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Ceramic Braces

Providing the same results as the more traditional Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces offer the chance to straighten teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Often called ‘clear braces’, they are made of a translucent material designed to be less noticeable than their metal counterpart, and it is now possible to have the option of clear wires to further reduce the visibility of the braces. Ceramic Braces provide all the benefits of the faster-acting fixed braces, but with the subtlety of more modern forms of removable braces in Dubai.

Results and Benefits

  • Metal and Ceramic Braces:
  • Boost self-esteem.
  • Help with digestion.
  • Can improve the speech.
  • Prevent tooth decay.
  • Prevent gums disease
  • Prevent bone erosion.
  • Make the teeth aligned.

Who is a Candidate?

You are a good candidate if your teeth are in a good general health and you fulfill the following criteria;

  • You have gummy smile issue.
  • You are facing dental crowding issue.
  • There is too much space between your teeth.
  • You have overbite or crossbite or both issues.
  • You have overbite or openbite or both issues.
  • You want to cure your teeth and gums problem.
  • You have realistic expectations with the treatment results.

What is the Aim of Treatment?

The treatment tries to achieve the following goals;

  • To enhance your smile.
  • To avoid dental and gums issues.
  • To align and proportionate the teeth.
  • To boost your confidence and self-image.

How is the Treatment Performed?

At Euromed, our expert orthodontist make it appear easy to perform Metal and Ceramic Braces treatment. Dr Sofia will place the fixed metal or ceramic braces on your teeth. It may take up to one hour and the person may feel pain or discomfort for 12 to 24 hours after the braces are fitted. They are usually adjusted every 6-10 weeks during the treatment. At the end of the active phase of the treatment, braces will be removed and retainers will be fitted.

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

It is not difficult to prepare for the procedure.

Share complete medical history with the dentist and make sure you follow the instructions from the dentist.

Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time

  • The speech of the person will be affected.
  • It will a little more difficult to clean the teeth with bases on so it is a good idea to floss every day and buy an electronic brush.
  • The patient may feel pain and discomfort but it will go in a few days.
  • The person needs to follow the diet schedule prescribed by the doctor.

Get The Cost

Cost of Metal and Ceramic Braces

The Braces Metal and Ceramic cost is not fixed, but we are confident our prices are competitive given the expertise of our orthodontist. So call or fill the form to know the exact price.

Braces: Metal and Ceramic FAQ’s

Are metal braces better than ceramic braces?

Both have pros and cons. Metal braces and ceramic braces serve the same purpose but some differences do exist. Ceramic braces are less noticeable but metal braces tend to move the teeth faster.

Do ceramic braces take longer?

Yes, ceramic braces take a bit longer to fix the alignment of your teeth if we compare it with mental braces. However, they are faster than Invisalign braces.

Do ceramic braces cost more than metal braces?

Yes, ceramic braces cost more than metal braces. In the US, metal braces cost ranges from $3,000 to $6,000 and ceramic braces cost ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. In general, the cost difference between these two options can range from $1,000 to $2,000.

Do ceramic braces stain?

No, ceramic braces do not stain no matter how long you wear them. Actually, ceramic braces are resistant to discoloration. However, the clear elastic bands can stain. These bands are used to join the brackets with the archwire.

Schedule a Consultation

If a person has asymmetric teeth and wants to align them aesthetically, the Metal or Ceramic Braces Treatment is the right choice. Do not hesitate to contact our dental surgeons if you need more information. Call us or fill the short online form now and win an online consultation.

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