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Several factors like traumas, diseases, and surgeries can affect the adaptation ability of the human body. Surgery might be an effective solution to your problem, but it leaves a significant impact on your body. For example, you might feel intense pain or swelling after getting surgery or find it hard to move. In such circumstances, osteopathy for post-surgical rehabilitation in Dubai is the best option. 

What is Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

As surgery is an invasive procedure, the patient requires some time for recovery and rehabilitation. Most patients feel uncomfortable after the surgery due to the pain, immobility, and being confined to the hospital bed. Post-surgical rehabilitation is a process that relieves all the discomfort caused by surgery. It involves specific techniques which restore your pre-surgery mobility and lifestyle. So, if you plan to undergo surgery, do consider osteopathy Dubai for post-surgical rehabilitation. 

How does Osteopathy Help After Surgery?

Osteopathy is beneficial for patients whose movement is affected after surgery. It involves gentle therapies, exercises, and encouragement that help you get back to everyday life. As soon as an individual feels well after surgery, they can opt for osteopathic post-surgical rehabilitation. 

The osteopaths specialize in treating impairments and promoting mobility that restores the normal functioning of the body. For this purpose, they utilize a combination of manual techniques that facilitate movement. They devise a customized rehab plan and an exercise program that is tailored to your needs. 

Osteopathic Post Surgical Rehabilitation Techniques

Osteopathy for post-surgical rehabilitation Dubai includes the following techniques:

Shockwave Therapy – It is an effective technique that speeds up recovery, restores mobility, and offers quick pain relief.

Soft Tissue Massage – In this technique, a professional osteopath manipulates the soft tissues of your body and applies varying degrees of pressure. Soft tissue massage helps in reducing post-surgical pain and improves mobility. 

Clinical Pilates – It is a kind of physical exercise that emphasizes the body’s posture, balance, strength, and flexibility. 

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Who can have Osteopathy for Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Anybody who has undergone the following surgeries can opt for osteopathy Dubai:

  • Lumbar disc surgery 
  • Deep abdominal surgery 
  • Hysterectomy 
  • Coronary artery bypass
  • Knee arthroscopy

The list of surgeries is not limited to the procedures mentioned above. You can get osteopathy treatment after any kind of surgery that affects your body.


There are several benefits of osteopathy for post-surgical rehabilitation. Some major benefits are listed below;

  • Restores range of motion 
  • Enhances stamina 
  • Reduces pain 
  • Makes a recovery smooth and quick 
  • Minimizes the complications in surgery 
  • Shorten the hospital stay after the surgery 
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If you feel uncomfortable after a surgical procedure and want to restore your normal body movement, choose osteopathy for post-surgical rehabilitation Dubai. You can consult with our experienced osteopaths by booking an appointment online. It will help you discuss all your concerns with the expert and know more about your condition. Also, they will educate you on how to heal quickly after the surgery. Fill in the form below, and one of our team members will get back to you to schedule your consultation. 


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