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Scoliosis is a spinal condition that refers to the curves or twists in the spine. At least 10% of people suffer from scoliosis and have either S or C-shaped spine. It is common in people of all age groups with varying severity, but majorly teenagers are the victims. The exact cause of scoliosis is still unknown, but it might occur due to some genetic factors. This condition can be treated with osteopathy depending on the degree of curvature in the spine. 

Euromed® Clinic Center is now offering osteopathy for scoliosis in Dubai to help patients get rid of the problem.

Types of Scoliosis

There are two types of scoliosis which include:

Structural – In this case, the spine shape starts developing early, like in the teenage years. 

Functional – In this type, the spine develops over time due to our everyday activities like extended periods of sitting, carrying heavy objects, or reclining on the sofa.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Usually, scoliosis patients do not feel any pain, but it can lead to lung and heart problems if not treated. The following are some common signs of scoliosis:

  • Your one side of the spine has uneven musculature 
  • You feel stiffness or soreness in the spine
  • Your rib or shoulder blade is prominent on one side due to the rotation of the rib cage or thorax.
  • Your waist may appear higher on one side than another. 
  • Uneven lengths of hips, arms, and legs

Osteopathic Treatment for Scoliosis

Osteopathy can be used to treat scoliosis, but the treatment depends on how the spinal curvature affects your life. Osteopathic treatment for scoliosis Dubai helps mobilize the thoracic, lumbar spine, and rib cage to enhance the movement range. This mobilization also benefits the pelvis in conditions where there is a leg length difference. 

Treatment Options

In a C curve case, the chest and thoracic spine curve forward and form a hunch in the back. The following treatment options are effective to treat this scoliosis condition;

  • Stretching and massaging chest muscles and hip flexor to open the front of the body and release some tension.
  • At-home exercises like
    • Standing hamstring stretches 
    • Cat/cow stretch 
    • Pelvic tilt
    • Hip extension 
    • Spinal mobilizations and extensions

Though osteopathy cannot completely correct scoliosis, it is effective in managing and reducing the pain level. It has shown incredible results in improving the postures and releasing the tensions in the spine. Moreover, it reduces the symptoms and provides you with relief.

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Before deciding to get drastic treatments like surgery, always consult with an osteopath for scoliosis. There are various methods to treat scoliosis, and surgery is not the only option. An osteopath will examine your condition and suggest the best-suited treatment accordingly. In the majority of the cases, exercise, massage, and muscle stretching solve the problem. Therefore, do consult with an experienced and certified osteopath. At Euromed® Clinic Center, you will find expert osteopaths who have been helping patients get rid of scoliosis. Book your appointment by filling the form below, and we will schedule your consultation with our osteopaths. 


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