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Shoulders are complex and highly used joints in the human body hence shoulder pain is a common problem among people of all ages. Generally, it is caused due to wear and tear, constant use, or injuries. No matter what is the cause of shoulder pain, osteopathy is an effective and gentle treatment option to get rid of it.  It helps you gain relief from the pain and discomfort without any surgery. 

Common Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

If you are experiencing the symptoms enlisted below, you should get osteopathy for shoulder pain in Dubai;

  • Sharp and shooting pain in the shoulder joint
  • Stiffness in the shoulder joint 
  • Pop or click sound within the joint 
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in the arm

Causes of Shoulder Pain

The following factors can trigger shoulder pain;

  • Regular movement of the arm in overhead positions 
  • Repetitive arm movement associated with sports activities
  • Prolonged periods of rest 
  • The high impact of sports activity  

Treatable Shoulder Pain Conditions with Osteopathy

Some of the common shoulder pain conditions that can be treated with osteopathy include;

  • Rotator cuff tears 
  • AC joint injuries 
  • Postural dysfunction
  • Tendon impingement 
  • Acute soft tissue injuries 
  • Ligament injuries 

Osteopathy for Shoulder Pain Treatment

You can now relieve shoulder pain with the help of osteopathy. It is a gentle approach used to alleviate muscle and tendon tension. A variety of techniques are involved in osteopathy for shoulder pain treatment Dubai

How is it done?

The osteopath examines you physically to identify the cause of your shoulder pain. After the physical assessment, the osteopath uses a personalized approach to treat your problem. They match the massage pressure and the muscle manipulation to your level of pain tolerance. The osteopathic technique is chosen on the basis of your condition.

Our osteopaths at Euromed Clinic Center not only treat the shoulder pain but also analyze your lifestyle and habits. It helps them to determine the triggers of shoulder pain and make a detailed treatment plan. The plan also includes some appropriate exercises that can provide you shoulder pain relief

Osteopathy for Shoulder Pain FAQs

Is osteopathy good for shoulder impingement?

Yes, osteopathy is a hands-on treatment for shoulder impingement problems. The osteopaths help you in avoiding the causative factors and promote healing. They correct the postural issues and improve the movement of the shoulders. In addition to this, osteopaths also prescribe exercises that prevent the reoccurrence of shoulder impingement.

Can an osteopath fix a dislocated shoulder?

Yes, an osteopath can fix a dislocated shoulder by restoring its stability. They strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and fix the issue with active physical therapy.

Can an osteopath treat neck and shoulder pain? 

Yes, an osteopath can treat both shoulder and neck pain. They aim to reduce the pain, improve movement, and speed up the recovery. The most common techniques used in osteopathic treatment for shoulder and neck pain include 

Soft tissue massage
Mobilization of the neck and shoulder 
Exercises to correct your posture 

Get A Consultation

If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain and want a gentle treatment, osteopathy is your preferred option. You can consult with our osteopaths in detail, and they can suggest you the most suitable treatment option after your physical assessment. To book your consultation with our experienced osteopaths, you need to fill in the consultation form below. We will schedule your appointment once you fill the form. 


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