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What Is 4D Lip Augmentation?

It is the most advanced and personalized treatment that will provide you with desirable plump and rejuvenated lips. This procedure restores the lip volume without damaging your natural and beautiful appearance. It is imperative to know that the procedure can be as delicate and natural as you desire it to be. Dr. Ken is performing his expert services for various years to provide you with a beautiful appearance.

What 4D Lip Augmentation Provides?

  • With 4D lip augmentation, you will be able to get enhanced lips
  • You will get highly individualized treatment according to your facial anatomy, age, proportions, and as per your desire.
  • The latest method comes with beautiful, amazing, and natural results.

How We Select Your Best Look By Using 4D Technology?

The latest device is used to check which kind of augmented lips will suit your facial appearance. Our experts try hard to provide you the best experience on the basis of your facial symmetry, with software is used to do so and assist both surgeon and the person to select the appearance they truly desire.

Why Consider 4D Lip Enhancement At Euromed Clinic?

4D lip augmentation procedure at Euromed Clinic is the display of our strong belief that one approach is not suitable for all. Every person is different and so the facial symmetry too. So, we provide a user-friendly experience to our clients in which we know the importance of looking the aesthetic ideals, facial features, and for sure the ultimate goals that can make you look good. We don’t just simply fill the lips to make them look plump but we first know which kind of augmentation suits you and then perform a procedure.

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Know-How About Fotona 4D

The latest technology is the unique combination of 4 different modes of cosmetic treatment joined together to fight facial aging. These 4 modes include:

  • SmoothLiftin™
  • FRAC3®
  • PIANO®
  • SupErficial™

How Is 4D Lip Enhancement Performed?

Fotona 4D is the latest technique through which the procedure is performed by using a non-invasive laser. When it is used for lip enhancement, it tightens & volumizes your lips and reduces wrinkles. The lips are carefully augmented and sculpted.

Are The Results Natural Looking?

Most individuals don’t want to get bigger lips or pout that look artificial. Celebrities who have overdone lips are enough to scare people about lip augmentation. But in this procedure, the latest 4D technology & imaging system can show you the appearance that you will get after the procedure. So, it will be easy for you to decide on your appearance before getting the procedure. You can refer to some changes in your look if you want. After the procedure, you will be surprised to see the natural-looking results. Great attention is provided to perform the lip enhancement artistically.

You can get visible results right after the procedure. Hence, the type of your skin and level of collagen can alter the visibility of results. If your facial laxity is mild to moderate level then you may get better outcomes.

What Is The Recovery Time?

Normally, no downtime is associated with the procedure. However, slight swelling and bruising may happen. We recommend you stop the use of some specific medicines and supplements before the procedure. These medicines may include some specific vitamins, aspirin, and fish oils. Further, you should make a consultation prior to the procedure.

How Much Does It Cost?

You need to consult our expert cosmetic surgeon to know the exact cost. Occasionally, we have special discounted offers so they can inform you better.

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How Long Do Results Last?

The durability of results will last for almost 1 to 2 years. The production of collagen regeneration remains down in this time period. However, when you see that the results are reversing then get another session of the procedure to maintain results.

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