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An arm lift, a cosmetic surgery procedure, is also known as Brachioplasty. It is used to correct the aesthetic appearance of upper arms by removing the sagging skin. If you have developed extra skin and fat in the region between the armpit and elbow, arm lift surgery can help you remove it.

Arm lift surgery in Dubai is mainly combined with a liposuction procedure. Therefore, it is also referred to as arm liposuction.

Are you a Good Candidate?

You can be a suitable candidate for arm lift procedure if you;

  • Have excess sagging skin on your arms.
  • Are not overweight.
  • Are above 18 and have a stable weight.
  • Have excess fat in the upper arm region.
  • Feel less confident because of your uneven and drooping arms.

Reasons to Get an Arm Lift

You should get an arm lift in Dubai if you want to have perfectly contoured and thinner arms. It

  • Removes the drooping skin.
  • Improves the contours of your arms.
  • Eliminate stubborn fat deposits.
  • Enhances the muscle definition
  • Tightens the underlying arm tissues

Pre-Op Guidelines

Prepare yourself before getting the Brachioplasty procedure. For this purpose, your surgeon will provide you with some instructions that you need to follow. Some of the common pre-op instructions are as follows;

  • You must maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Follow a diet plan and exercise regularly.
  • Avoid blood thinning and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Keep the treatment area clean. Take a shower 24 hours before the surgery.
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Arm Lift Techniques

An arm lift is performed by using two different techniques, which include;

Minimal Incision Arm Lift – This technique is used for people with a small amount of fat or skin near the armpits.

Full Arm Lift – It is preferable for patients with excess sagging skin on the arms.

How is the procedure performed?

Brachioplasty in Dubai is performed on an outpatient basis which means overnight stay at the hospital is not required. The whole surgery can take almost 2-3 hours and consists of the following steps;

  • First of all, local anesthesia is administered.
  • After that, the surgeon makes small incisions at the back or inside the arms. For mini arm lift, an incision is made in the underarm that extends above the elbow. However, for the full arm lift, the incision starts from the elbow and extends to the armpit and sides of the chest.
  • Once the incisions are made according to the technique chosen, the excess fat deposits are removed using liposuction. The suction pump extracts all the fat.
  • The excess skin is tightened.
  • In the end, the incisions are closed utilizing absorbable stitches.

Post-Op Guidelines

If you want to have the desired results without scar formation, follow the post-op instructions carefully.

  • Refrain from physical activities for at least three weeks.
  • Take all the prescribed medicines regularly.
  • Keep your arms elevated on a pillow to minimize swelling and discomfort.
  • Wear a compression garment for the suggested time.
  • Protect your incision sites from water to avoid infection.
  • Take a sufficient amount of rest.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun for a year after the surgery.


Generally, the recovery period for an arm lift surgery is short. It can take almost 2 to 3 weeks to recover after the surgery. You might feel swelling and pain after the surgery, but it can be managed with painkillers. Moreover, you may also experience bruising that will subside within three weeks. Do not miss the follow-up appointments after getting the procedure.


Arm Lift Dubai offers unlimited benefits, including;

  • You get contoured and well-toned arms.
  • The symmetry of your arms gets improved.
  • The procedure has minimal recovery time.
  • Arm lift provides long-lasting results and boosts your self-confidence.
  • The scarring is minimal.
  • The success rate is very high.

Arm Lift / Brachioplasty Before and After

arm-lift-104-before-after1 (1)arm-lift-brachioplasty-before-after1 (1)

Arm Lift FAQs

How long does an arm lift procedure take?

Arm lift procedure can take 2 hours to complete.

Are the results of the arm lift permanent?

The results are long-lasting if you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. You should keep your weight stable if you want to retain the results for a longer time.

How soon will the results start appearing?

The results of Brachioplasty become apparent as soon as the swelling settles down, which can take a month or two.

Is an arm lift surgery painful?

You will feel pain and discomfort during the recovery phase. However, your surgeon will prescribe some medications to tackle pain.

Does an arm lift cause scarring?

Yes, there will be a scar since an arm lift is a surgical procedure that involves incisions. However, it will be hidden and fades away with time.

Arm Lift Cost in Dubai

The arm lift surgery cost varies from patient to patient because of some variable factors. These factors include the technique chosen, the surgeon’s expertise, and the clinic’s location. Therefore, it is preferred to consult with an expert surgeon to know the exact cost of the surgery. On average, the price of an arm lift starts from AED 25,000.

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Euromed Clinic Center offers arm lift surgery in Dubai to help you achieve a better silhouette for arms. You do not have to hide your arms or feel embarrassed due to the sagging skin because an arm lift is here to solve your problem. Please consult with our surgeons to know about the procedure in detail and book an appointment by filling the online form.


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