Cat Eye Lift

Cat-eye surgery, also known as canthoplasty or cat eye lift, is a cosmetic procedure to change the size and shape of the eyes. This procedure mainly repositions an eye’s outer corner, also known as the lateral canthus, a bit upward, producing a cat-eye appearance, which is considered attractive in most parts of the world. This procedure is also referred to as designer eyes or fox eyes.

Am I A Good Candidate for Canthoplasty?

You are a good candidate for cat-eye surgery if your lower eyelids are baggy, saggy, or drooping. Also, you can consider this treatment if the current size and shape of your eyes are causing you mental distress.

How Is Canthoplasty Performed?

The cat-eye surgery plan varies from patient to patient. However, this treatment mainly aims to reposition or tighten the lateral canthal tendon, making a subtle yet prominent modification in the outer corner of the eye. The surgeon makes a small incision near the lateral canthus. Then, they pull the tendon into its new position and close the incision using sutures. As a result, the outer corner of each eye seems higher than the lower corner, signifying a noticeable change in the eyes’ slant.

Canthoplasty is an outpatient surgical treatment usually performed with local anesthesia to numb the eye. Sometimes, doctors administer intravenous sedation if the patient is too nervous before the procedure.

The actual cat-eye surgical procedure takes about 30 minutes. This duration can extend when you combine canthoplasty with another treatment, such as the one to change the eyebrow shape.

What To Expect After Cat-Eye Surgery?

Like any other surgical procedure, cat eye lift side effects also involve minor swelling, bruising, and pain. Typically, the pain is easily manageable with prescription medication. Other complications usually subside in 1-3 weeks.

Another procedure risk is altered eyesight, which is a temporary issue that goes away without any medical intervention.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes After Canthoplasty?

The doctor, after cat-eye surgery, will advise you to discontinue your routine activities for about 7-10 days, during which you will need to keep your head elevated during sleep and get a lot of rest. You will also need to avoid physical exercises, rubbing the treated area, and avoiding eye makeup products for a week or two.

Additionally, doctors advise not to put too much strain on the eyes during the post-op duration. For that, you will need to avoid reading or watching TV and staring at your phone screen until complete recovery. Moreover, your doctor may recommend not to wear contact lenses for a few weeks after surgery.

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Cat-Eye Surgery Results

As evident by the name, cat-eye surgery lifts the outer edges of your eyes to make them resemble cat eyes. This surgery also lifts both eyebrows’ corners and reduces droopiness or sagginess of your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter. The treatment results are usually visible after six weeks.

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Cat Eye Lift Before and After

Cat eye lift before after (1)Canthoplexy before after (1)Canthoplasty before after (1)

Cat Eye Surgery FAQs

How much does it cost for cat eye surgery?

The cost of canthoplasty mainly depends on the lifting required by the outer canthus. You can get an accurate price estimate during the initial consultation at our clinic.

Is act eye surgery worth it?

The short answer is yes. Not only does cat-eye surgery help improve your eye aesthetics, but it also offers almost all the functional benefits of a traditional eyelift.

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