Cheek Augmentation

Loss of volume or sagginess of cheeks is an annoying cosmetic issue. Some people get this problem as they age, while others never develop enough volume in their cheeks. No matter the reason, flat or thin cheeks are not a desirable facial feature.

Fortunately, dealing with flat cheeks is possible, thanks to the availability of cheek augmentation options. These treatments add enough volume to your cheeks to produce attractive facial contours.

What is Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation is a surgical procedure intended to restore volume or fill up your hollow cheeks. A dermatologist places implants in the cheek or cheekbone areas. Alternatively, they may extract fat from your body and use it as a filler solution to augment your cheeks. Soft tissue filler is also a popular option for producing chubby cheeks.

Cheek augmentation can be a standalone procedure or may be combined with other cosmetic procedures like facelift or chin augmentation.

Causes of Sunken Cheeks

The most common reason for sunken cheeks is the natural aging process, during which skin tissues and fat under the cheek skin start losing volume. Cheeks may also appear sunken due to insufficient tissue between the zygoma and mandible.

Some underlying health conditions, such as the following, might also cause your cheeks to develop a dipped appearance:

  • Vascular EDS
  • Eating disorders
  • Lipoatrophy

Who is a Good Candidate for Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

An ideal candidate for cheek augmentation surgery is someone with lost cheek volume due to the aging, hollow cheek area, or deflated cheeks. You may also get this treatment to bring your asymmetrical cheeks into perfect alignment.

Additionally, you should be in overall good health to qualify for this treatment.

Cheek Augmentation Treatment Options

Fat transfer and solid implants are the two most common surgical options for cheek augmentation. And the non-surgical option is injecting filler solutions to improve cheek area contouring. Let’s discuss these options briefly.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are generally made of silicone and are used to improve the appearance of the cheekbone. These implants are inserted surgically into the area after incising the skin on the cheeks. Some cheek implants are removable, while some integrate with the cheekbone and become a permanent facial feature.

Cheeks implants are classified into three types based on their shapes.

  • Malar: The surgeon places these implants on the cheekbones, improving their projection.
  • Submalar: These implants improve overall cheek appearance by filling the hollow-looking area.
  • Combined: These implants help augment both the cheeks and cheekbones.

Cheek Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Cheek augmentation with fat transfer yields more natural results because the transferred fat comes from the patient’s own body. Hence, there is little to no risk of rejection of the fat tissues at the new location. The fat is generally harvested through liposuction.

The body may reabsorb some of the transferred fat, but the remaining amount lasts longer than conventional fillers.

Cheek filler

This non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure instantly enhances the projection above your cheek. As a result, your cheekbone area becomes more defined. The most commonly used filler solution for cheek augmentation is hyaluronic acid-based. Not only does this treatment make your cheekbone areas prominent, but it also lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


To prepare for cheek augmentation, your practitioner may ask you to:

  • Get medically analyzed through lab tests
  • Replace your current medications with the newly prescribed ones
  • Avoid smoking
  • Stop taking NSAIDs, aspirin, and herbal supplements

Cheek Augmentation Procedure

The procedure of cheek augmentation mainly depends on the treatment option. Let’s discuss all three treatment procedures briefly.

Cheek implants and Fat transfer

  • The doctor will give you medications to help you relax during the procedure. Depending on the treatment option, these medications could be local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or intravenous sedation.
  • Then, the doctor will make incisions in the body areas involved in the treatment. For instance, cheek implants involve an incision inside the mouth to access the slot to place the implant. Alternatively, the surgeon may make an incision under the lower eyelid. If the treatment option selected is the cheek implant, the surgeon will first make an incision in the donor area to extract fat and then make small incisions near the cheek. They will inject fat through these incisions.
  • The surgeon will close the incision after placing the implant or injecting fat into the treatment area.

Cheek Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

  • The doctor will apply a local anesthetic solution to the injection site to help you relax during the procedure.
  • Then, they will administer dermal filler injections into the treatment area. The number of injections mainly depends on the amount of improvement required. The procedure may take 20 minutes.
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Cheek Implant and Fat Injections

After cheek augmentation, the doctor will apply bandages or gauze dressing to the surgical site. You may not need bandages if implants are placed through an incision inside the mouth. However, your doctor will recommend a liquid diet and prescribe medicated mouth rinses to accelerate recovery.

Specific instructions that you may need to follow at home include:

  • Caring for the surgical site
  • Topical or oral medications to speed up recovery
  • Monitoring the surgical site to ensure no complications arise
  • Visiting your plastic surgeon for follow-up examinations

Dermal Fillers

  • Avoid sleeping on your cheeks. You will need to sleep flat on your back.
  • Avoid any strenuous activity for at least 48 hours after injections.
  • Do not touch your face. Keep the injection site dry and clean.

Cheek Augmentation Results

Regardless of the cheek augmentation option, you will get fuller and softer cheeks that enhance your facial beauty.

Regarding the longevity of treatment results, cheek implants will recontour your cheeks for a lifetime. Results of fat transfer cheek augmentation generally last a few years. And cheek fillers last a few months.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Cheek Implants?

Although the cheek implantation procedure is surgical, its recovery duration is incredibly smooth. You may be able to get back to your routine a week after surgery. Generally, it is recommended to discuss your recovery with an expert plastic surgeon. They may advise you to avoid strenuous physical movement for a week or two.

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Cheek Augmentation FAQs

How much does cheek implant surgery cost?

The starting price of cheek implant surgery is 15000. The final cost depends on multiple factors like the degree of correction required and whether the implant must be placed from inside the mouth or below the lower eyelid.

Is cheek augmentation permanent?

The longevity of cheek augmentation depends on the treatment procedure. For example, cheek implants last forever, whereas fat transfer and dermal fillers are temporary solutions. The fat transfer lasts much longer than dermal fillers, though.

Are cheek implants better than fillers?

From the perspective of the longevity of results, cheek implants are better than dermal fillers as they last a lifetime. On the other hand, dermal fillers may need top-up treatments every six months to maintain the desired youthful appearance of your cheeks. Besides, injectable fillers are a non-surgical option, while cheek implants are placed surgically under the cheeks. Hence, the surgical option comes with a risk of infection. But this risk is too insignificant to render the treatment unsafe.

Is cheek implant surgery painful?

The cheek implant procedure should be painless as you will be under general anesthesia. However, you will feel some tenderness and discomfort at the surgery site. This discomfort is manageable with pain medication prescribed by your doctor.

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Cheeks are a focal point of your facial appearance. For this reason, you want them to be well-contoured and prominent. Cheek augmentation is the option you can consider in order to get a desirable cheek appearance. However, the success of this procedure depends significantly on your choice of a plastic surgeon. At Euromed Clinic Dubai, we offer cheek augmentation and many other cosmetic medical treatments from the hands of skilled surgeons.

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